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Hello everyone, my name is Tina and I'm a DeNami addict! It was love at first sight when I saw Nami's amazing images and I've never looked back. I'd like to think that I'm DeNami's biggest fan, but I'm thinking there are a few closet addicts out there ;) 
Have you ever wondered how this blog got started and how I fit into the whole picture?? Well, you can find it all in this little post: Getting to know the gal behind the blog
As my DeNami collection grows, I've often wondered what you other gals are adding to your collections. Are your Chickie addicts or have you fallen in love with the whimsical & fun images or are the pretty & elegant garden images capturing your heart? I decided to make a little like and show pictures of my collection and have invited anyone that would like to, to show us their collections too. This is a wonderful way to see what others are purchasing, maybe read a little as to why they chose those stamps and to really get a whole new perspective on how the stamps look in "real life". I have made a few purchases because of seeing these collections and can't wait to see yours too! Feel free to add your collection and to visit the others that have already linked in.
Stamp count as of: June 2013
  • individual stamps 354
  • cling stamps (includes sets) 29
  • petit four sets (includes chickie couture) 47
  • trifle sets 11

I hope I've inspired you to share your collection too. If there's any stamp in my collection that you'd like to see me pull out and use just let me know..I'd be happy to play with them and hopefully come up with something that would inspire you :)


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