Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey y'all ! It feels like forever since I have done a post. Thank goodness for great friends like Tina that pick up the slack! Before getting to today's card I will give you just a wee little update on why I have been MIA.

See, when I started this blog I was a "stay at home" crafter...er...Mom. When we moved back home to SC a year and half ago I decided that I wanted to take some "me" time. Then one day....out of the blue I woke up and decided....I want to go back to work. And that is exactly what I did at the most inopportune time of the year.....the holidays! Yes, I know I don't know how to do anything the easy way. Add to that Grandmaw having to go in the hospital and running back and forth the NC EVERY weekend. See, told ya, never easy. So, I started a little temp gig thinking "well by the time this job ends it will be summer, I will have extra $$ for more DeNami goodies and all will be right with the world". Pffft, right! See, just one week after starting the temp thing, another company found me with a "real, full time, work everyday, not gonna be over by the summer, job". I listened to them, thought....nah - they aren't gonna hire me. Yeah, right because as you are reading this post, I am sitting in Chicago, at corporate HQ in my NEW JOB! Woot woot! I am just here for the week for "training" and then I will be back in SC spending time supporting a two facilities here (in case you are wondering what I do, I am a recruiter). And now that the holidays are over, I have more of a regular routine and I have made myself some "crafty time" - I will be back posting a little more on the regular (can you hear that sigh of relief from Tina? She can take a break too and not have to come up with something every day - HA)

So in honor of a New Year and new things, I came up with this card:

Its hard to see with my picture but I stamped the sparkles with Versa Mark to add a little something extra. And the pink sparkles just have a wee bit of pink glitter to give it a little shimmer. And the 2012 - well those are individual stamps that are non Denami but in my defense Denami doesn't have fonts and numbers soo....I think I can get away with it. AND those whiskers? Yeah, that would be Fat Jack. He insisted on being in EVERY picture I was taking so I just decided to not fight it! (I think he's been a little jealous of the flamingo if you ask me)

Stamps used: D98 Sparkles, N49 Happy New Year.

Now, I am not one for New Year's resolutions BUT I think I am going to make a crafty one - so my New Year's resolution is to try something new (a new idea, a new technique, something) at least once every two weeks or so. I think that is one I will be able to keep.

Now tell us, did you make a resolution?

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think....good or bad....or even better - what would you have done differently??...crafty minds wanna know!


  1. Welcome back to the land of "working to support your DeNami addiction" ;)

    Was my sigh of relief that loud...my bad. hehehehehe It was fun, I had soooooooo many holiday cards made that it worked out perfectly.

  2. Now that that's said....on to the card!

    Too cute!I don't really have any DeNami stamps that work well for New Years *gasp*. I'm really loving the sparkle stamp....my 2012 must have list is off to a good start

  3. Ok...this comment might take a while 'cause I've got a lot to respond to! Go ahead...get comfy...take off your shoes. Ready? Ok. First of all, sorry to hear about your Grandmaw, but I hope she is doing well now. Next, CONGRATS on the new job!!!!! SOOO EXCITING! Trust me, I know exactly what it is like trying to work and find time for crafts. It is REALLY HARD! I'm single without kids (2 kitties, though), but I'm almost never home because I work multiple jobs. My craft time usually end up the middle of the night when I can't sleep. Anyway, enough about me...enjoy Chicago while you're there! It's a fab city!

    Next up...I can't wait to see what fabulous DeNami purchases you make this year! It really IS an addiction, isn't it? I just can't stop, and my fingers start to itch when I know a new release is on the horizon! EEK! I can't wait to find out what/when! I'm going NUTS!!

    Lastly...GREAT card! The sparkles are perfect for New Year's! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Fat Jack has a celebrity complex and must be in all pictures. That is awesome! My cats were photo hogs as kittens, but as adults, they tend to ignore me when I get the camera out to play. I guess they're over the spotlight now. LOL Consider me a Fat Jack fan now!

    Well, this may now be the world's longest blog comment. LOL However, I just had to respond! Happy New Year!!