Friday, June 15, 2012

Manly birthday card

Hey ya'll, so, I know I wasn't going to post again until Monday, but I got to thinking that this little card I had for Monday's post would be better for today. Father's Day is Sunday and this card can EASILY be changed up...simply change the sentiment. I thought ya'll might like another manly man card for inspiration.

Recently my Father-in-law had a birthday. I screwed up the card I made by using the wrong sentiment so I had to come up with another manly man card. I STRUGGLE to come up with something guy friendly most of the time. However, I think I did a fairly nice job keeping the pink and sparkles out of this creation, lol!

My only issue with it is that I should have added a button to the twine knot. Other than that...I'm feeling pretty good about it. Fairly simple and clean, nothing too frilly and still managed to use a much loved edge punch...great for a guy.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Very nice card. Any guy would like that. I like it too.

  2. I really like your design & think it's great for a guy or a gal.

  3. When I don't need to do manly cards, I'll be ruffling through my stash and find things that would make perfect masculine cards. But then when it comes time to need to make one.... can't remember any of those brilliant ideas.

  4. This is a perfect card for ANYONE, man or woman! It looks GREAT!