Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 minute challenge

Ohh my gosh, Paulina and a friend of hers are channeling their inner Tori Spelling and have thrown down the gauntlet for sure with a little challenge they are having! They want us to make a card in 10, can that really be done?? I mean, it's not unheard of for me to spend 2 hours on one little card...but 10 minutes?? I decided to see if I could do it....

First off I had to come up with a plan. I knew I wouldn't have time for coloring or to fuss with a yummy bow so I needed an alternative to both of those elements. I decided to pull out a few of my "frame" stamps and a blingy ribbon slide. 

I had the following items on my desk before the start of the project:
  • full sized pieces of DeNami cardstocks
  • ink pads
  • stamps
  • ribbon slide
  • ATG 
  • paper trimmer
  • edge punch
It was so late when I edited this and I was waaaay tired. Here's a much better picture. Don't even ask how I got it looking so neon when it's a hot pink/magenta was a rough night! :)
I started by folding my card base then cut my panels. I punched the edge of the focal panel then stamped the "flowers" and attached it to the green panel. I pulled ribbon from my ribbon storage area, layered it and added the ribbon slide then attached it to the panels. I then attached the finished panels to the card base. When I looked at the timer I saw all of this only took a total of...wait for it, wait for it...8 minutes (7.59 to be exact)!! I thought the card was missing something and still had 2 minutes to work with so I pulled some rhinestones from their storage bin and added them to the flower centers...that added only 43 seconds to my time. 8 minutes and 43 seconds, who'da thought??? This was sooooo fun! I had a great time making this little creation and challenging myself.

This isn't related to the challenge, but someone asked me a question yesterday that really has me thinking....

"If someone was buying their first ever DeNami stamp, which stamp would you tell them to buy?" They're all great and work so well with each other, but to pick one stamp, talk about a hard challenge! What a question, right? So, gals, what do you think it should be and why?

Blogger edit...ooops
My pick: Any of the "thinking of you" sentiments. The fonts that DeNami uses (mostly Nami's own handwriting) is sooo pretty and this sentiment works with any stamp weather it be DeNami or not and it is so versatile that you can use it for birthday's, special occasions, sympathy, etc.

PS: There are still a few spots open for the DeNami "back to school" blog hop on September 9th, have you signed up for a load of fun yet??

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. What a cute card you made! It is perfect! I might try out this challenge but there is always a little mistake I make along the way that is so time consuming!

    To answer your question, I think the fancy butterfly would be the one to purchase first. It is a classic and it is so adorable! What do you think??

    1. You totally should enter!! It was soooo much fun. I usually have to reposition my panels multiable times and restamp do to lots of ooop's. I went with simple and it all just fell into place.

      I forgot to list my stamp selection...sigh. Long morning already ;) gonna go edit my post!!

  2. This card just makes me plain 'ol happy. LOVE those delicious colors! You, my dear, need to give yourself more credit- you can accomplish so much in a short amount of time! You even had time to spare!

    Thanks for joining us in the 10 Minute Craft Dash- you're so sweet to support me and Ginny in our new endeavor! :)

  3. yay! so glad you joined! i totally love that you planned everything out... i'm going to have to do more of that for these challenges. you ended up executing your plan FABULOUSLY. i absolutely love it. i've made some cards and i have extra time, and i've gone looking for that 'extra supply' and it turns out i waste all the time looking for it--hahaha!

    thanks for joining, we're counting on you participating again next time :D

  4. This is fabulous, girl! Love the bright (and sometimes neon! HAHA!) colors, and you KNOW I love that layered ribbon! Woohoo!