Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Day With the King & Queen of DeNami

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! On August 18th I not only went to my first ever stamp show, but I got to meet and visit with the owners of DeNami! Talk about some wonderful and gracious hosts...wow. I was lucky enough to be invited to just hang out for as long as I wanted (which was several hours, lol), talk with the family and listen to Nami brainstorm a bit. It was over whelming and awesome! I watched Nami demo some projects, was lucky enough to help set up for a class she was teaching, entertained by the boys and yes, spend some money on lots of  goodies, lol!! I even got to meet a fellow blogger & DeNami fan, Rae Ann. As promised, I took pictures for you gals. However, I didn't take as many as I should have because I was just so enthralled watching everything around me! Disney Land has NOTHING on the Denami booth!
Like many of you gals, I've really only ever had dealings with the super sweet and wonderful Paulina. I voiced concern to her that Nami wouldn't know who I was and if I went up to her and introduced myself she'd look at me like I was a crazy stalker and call security. Paulina told me I was crazy! Well, I had nothing to fear, as I walked up to the booth and pretended to look at something while trying to gather my courage to introduce myself, Nami looked up and said "Are you Tina?". When I said yes she immediately jumped off her stool, came running around the counter and gave me a big hug! Ohh how I love that she did that, I was put at ease immediately! I can't believe she recognized me from a picture that she's probably seen just a time or two on the Internet. Just amazing :)

Here's a few pictures from my day...

 I should have brought a bath towel to sop up all the drool...wet clean-up on isle 2! I could live in that booth and be happy ever after....sigh. Who needs prince charming with all that yummy DeNami goodness around??

I spent quite a bit of time watching Nami create some magic...

I was also lucky enough to help her set up for and watch her teach a class....

This was truly a weekend of firsts! I decided to make a little "haul" video. Please bear with me on this, lol. I've never made or posted any type of video before. I've also made a DeNami Addict You Tube page in hopes of posting more videos in the future. And don't forget all the wonderful videos that DeNami has on their You Tube page as well!
Surprisingly only two little oops' (that I noticed); I was looking at the ice cream stamp instead of the camera viewer so it went off center a bit and the other one was where I stumbled on a word. Not bad for a first timer :)

I was fortunate enough to speak quite a bit with Nami and Gary. They are so sweet for taking the time to meet with me and let me hang out. My most important question for them was.. "How do you do it, you're on the road for weeks at a time and that's extremely hard, what keeps you going?" Gary's answer, "Our customers. Seeing our customers happy and enjoying our product gives us the strength to keep going."  I think that was well said. This is a great company who loves all of their customers and truly enjoys bringing us happiness! I just can't sing their praises enough and feel like I'm one lucky "chickie"!


  1. You could have titled this post "When Tina met Nami". LOL... cute stamps and it is cool you will always remember when you bought them as well. You did a good job keeping a steady voice throughout the video. I probably would have talked a mile a minute. I am glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. Oh! What fun! Wonderful video, by the way! I love the ice cream cone--never saw that one before! I'm so glad you got to go! I didn't know it was your first time ever to a big stamp convention! Aren't they a lot of fun! I'll never forget our first one in Minneapolis, course that was years ago before we had local stores. My friend and I bought so much we didn't even make it down the last isle after a whole day of overload! And dog-tired carrying our packages! (No DeNami at that time. Still haven't seen that at any of our conventions.) Thanks for sharing your fun!

  3. Oh, Tina, Tina, Tina....my heart is SOARING from reading this! It sounds like a DREAM day! I can't help thinking that if I had one of those "Make a Wish" dream days, I would want to spend it like you did! LOL I would have bought so much stuff, too! LOL There are a couple colors of glitter and grosgrain ribbon which I don't have, and I those pictures made ME drool! I soooooo would have rectified any holes in my collection! LOL Oh, I am so glad you had such a good time, and I can't wait until I have the opportunity to meet the incredible Nami herself, too. Thanks so much for this post! Your excitement and enthusiasm are infectious, and I LOVE IT!