Friday, August 24, 2012

Elephants and ice cream...

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Have you ever started out with an idea in mind but when you start your creation it takes on a life of it's own and becomes what it wants to be? Today's card is just that! I wanted to enter another card into Paulina's 10 minute crafty challenge (isn't it fun??) and came up with a little idea for what I wanted to make. This was truly going to be a challenge because I planned on fussy cutting, coloring and layering. I figured I could pull it off, but it'd be close. Well, the best of intentions and all that....way over an hour later, this is my finished project....
This little creation reminds me of my hair...since it's naturaly curly, it just doesn't do what I want it to do and this card isn't what I wanted it to be...but, that being said, I still like it :)

I started our with the concept of a CAS card just doiley, a piece of ribbon and the large elephant handing an ice cream to the small polka dot elephant. Somehow it all went sideways, lol! When layering, I always do "dry runs" to see how I really feel about it. I decided to add a few extra layers so out came the punches and polka dot cardstock, then I decided the light pink layer needed some love so I added the hearts. While inking up my heart background stamp I did a BIG oops. I dropped the inkpad on my doily...sigh. Since it was already attached to the magenta & polka dot panel, due to me being happy with it so I had to come up with plan "B" or honestly, "P" at this point, lol. I grabbed a make-up sponge and started distressing, I decided I could live with a pink doiley. I added the hearts to my larger punched circle to make everything match then finished attaching all of my layers. The elephants and ice cream are actually popped up on foam tape. That was no easy feat adding glitter ya know...remind me to add more foam tape next time, mmkay? One last little thought on this card...the bow, again, doing it's own thing. It was supposed to be catty-corner not straight, it ended up just covering the two pink rhinestones instead of doing what I wanted it to do...sigh.
Sometimes cards just don't work out, but stick with it and let it lead you...sometimes you'll find that the end result is still something to smile about :)


  1. Okay, I love this card! But I was looking at the card and reading that you were making it in ten minutes and was like, no way, whatever! Then I kept reading and Ima like, oh yeah, this over took an hour! LOL! I think the time was well worth it because this card is so over the top cute!

  2. This card is PERFECT just the way it is! When I saw that one elephant was giving the ice cream to the other elephant, I just squealed. Seriously. It's sooooo cute! I love your explanation, too. I do the same thing all the time. I intend to make a quick and easy card, and the next thing you know, whole chunks of my life are missing. I go into a "scrap coma" and wake up hours later with only one or two cards to show for it. LOL However, THIS card of yours was totally worth the time and effort!