Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When an email just won't do....

I admit it, I am a technology girl.  A bit of a "closet geek" if you will.  And with my hustle and bustle moving here and running there life these days - I tend to use email to stay in touch with my friends.  And while getting an email from a friend is always nice, I say, getting a handmade card from a friend is even better!

I used one of the cling stamps from the Ornamental Centerpiece Set (CL-GD007) and paired it with a stamp from the Ornamental Flowers Petit Four Set (PF50).  I also used crystal laquer on the center stamp (hard to see in the photo).

With this post I would also like to "challenge" you to make something and drop in the mail to a friend...for no other reason than just to say HI.  Then, come back here and tell me you sent one.  There isn't a "prize" other than knowing that you made someone smile.


  1. This is a beautiful 'just because' card!

  2. I love these stamps! Your card is so pretty! But I have to confess...I'm a card junkie! Much more fun than email, though I know sending cards is just so much slower! I send them and get email answers in return! Oh well. Gone are the fun days of actually getting mail in the mailbox! Keep creating and sending!

  3. Soooo pretty! I bought that Ornamental Centerpieces set, and I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but this is making my inky fingers itch!