Friday, August 31, 2012

When a negative becomes a positive!

 I tend to save every little piece of card stock scrap as I am making a card.  You never know when you need just a little bit of color or use it to add layers or punch shapes.  I mean, why waste a new piece of card stock when chances are I have just the right size in my scrap basket.  So, as I was playing in my woman cave I was going through  my scrap basket and realized I had a few of these "negatives" (you know, the paper that is left after using a die cut) laying in there.  And then inspiration hit me.....

Now the picture is horrible and I promise everything is straight - HA (that's what I get for taking a pic in a hurry).  But I thought this came out super cute and I used up some scrap in the process.  I paired this negative with the Sweetheart Mimi stamp (N135) added another layer for dimension and added a bow.  Super easy.

Do you save your scraps?  Have you came up with a fun way to use them? Tell us all about it.....


  1. I save my scraps and it is an ordeal keeping it organized... but it is too spendy not to keep it!

  2. Super cute! I'm a scrap saver too - never know when you can make it work on another creation.

  3. This is FABULOUS! Oh, I wish I had a die-cutting machine! I am a bit of a scrap hoarder. However, I've had to learn that there should be some sort of limit to it, just for sake of space. However, I LOVE turning a "throw away" into art! This is really fantastic! I seriously wish I had some of those "negative" frames! SO AWESOME!

  4. I thought it was a rule, that all stampers had to save scraps! LOL! So often my scraps will help make a card in a hurry. I love this Mimi card! Great job!