Friday, September 7, 2012

Are you an addict too....

Hello everyone! :)   Today I have a fun little post for you. A while back I did a post where you got to know me and some things about this blog a little better. I had so much fun showing all of you my DeNami stamp collection and seeing a few other DeNami fans collections that I thought I'd do another post on it.
This is a great opportunity to show off your collection and to see what stamps everyone else loves too. The linking system is still up and running for you to add a link to your collection (it's at the bottom of this post). As crafters we all have our own style and even though we may have a few of the same stamps we use them differently. What a fun way to "meet" a few DeNami fans like yourself and see how they use their stamps. After checking out some of the collections that have already linked up I've had to change my wish list all around! And honestly, I like seeing the stamps "in person". I've seen them on DeNami's web site of course, but you get a whole new perspective when you see them in the photos. So come join us for some fun and hopefully inspiring time by adding your collection to the link and checking out the other collections!  
I just placed an order this week so my stamp count has changed. As of today, I officially have 303 random/single stamps, 37 Petit Four sets & 4 Trifle sets...if you break them down, that's a grand total of 463 stamps! When I get my new order I'll take pictures to post here on the blog and I think I may try another haul video...whatcha think? Here's my collection (minus my recently placed order)

Misc. images:
Had to throw my lilac stamp was hiding when I took the pic of the garden stamps, lol.
Garden stamps:
 Borders & decorative:
 Chickies galore (non holiday):
A couple of the holiday chickies snuck in, what cheeky little guys...there are more chickies mixed in with my holiday stamps
Petit Fours (non holiday):
 Misc holidays:

BLOGGER NOTE: I've inserted my Sept. 2012 haul pictures

November  2012 haul:

January 2013 haul (new release):

June 2013: DeNami B-Day games winnings (March 2013) & Treasure Chest Sale Haul

There are a few images that I personally struggle with and I'm always excited to see when you gals use gives me a little inspiration and direction. If there's ever an image you'd like to see used, just drop me a line at

Don't forget, DeNami has a lot of fun things happening right now. They are celebrating National Stamping Month all month long with a series of challenges that we get to vote on to decide the winner. Just follow this link to the Facebook site, click on the picture you want to cast your vote for and click the "like" button (it's on the right of the picture under the entrants name). -Insert much groveling and begging for your vote ;) - DeNami also has an "anything goes" challenge running on their blog. And to round it all off, the monthly blog hop starts this Sunday, Sept. 9th so make sure you stop by the DeNami blog Sunday! Whew...I'm in DeNami fun overload! I'll see ya'll on my personal blog for the hop and will be back here on Monday with an exciting new challenge!

As always, thank you for stopping in for a visit...I appreciate all of you!


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  2. ok spell check next time...I said "Wow" This is a serious stash! You win...this IS an addiction...I guess I just have a mild case of the flu!

    1. I seriously DID "lol"!! Mild case of the flu...ohh I'm still snickering!!

  3. I'm in awe! Thought I had a good collection, but compared to this I just have a few stamps! I'll take a picture & post it, just for fun. Good to know who to ask if I get stuck on what to do with one of mine.

    1. Greta, that would be awesome if you linked up! I'd love to see your collection :) and yes, I'm a bit nuts where my collection is concerned!