Monday, March 18, 2013

Tool Talk - March 3013

 Hi everyone and welcome to another addition of Tool Talk. Today I have another amazing and talented artist that has graciously agreed to speak with us about her favorite tool. She really needs no introduction; she's a crafting wonder woman...Design team member at DeNami Design, CAS-Fridays and CAS-ual Fridays Stamps :)Whew, where does she get the time?!?!?

Hello hello DeNami fans! It's Dana here from Kismet Art and Life.

This “Tool Talk” feature is a great way to be introduced to a product that you might not know about. I cannot wait to share my love for a favorite tool with you today, so let's get right to it:)

Wanna know a secret? Until 7 years ago, I exclusively cut all my cardstock and paper with an exacto craft knife and a metal ruler. Seriously. I am the least OCD person you will ever meet except for when it comes to grammar and straight edges.  * Chuckle * And then, oh dear, watch out! If things aren't perfect I fix them until they are.

No paper trimmer ever met my standards for a perfect 90 degree angle or smooth edge until I discovered Tonic Studios Guillotine Trimmers. * Swoon * Just so you know, I have 4 FOUR other paper cutters from top brands ranging from not cheap to more than I want to admit paying and none of them met my requirements. None.

I now own 3 Tonic Studios trimmers and I could NOT craft without them! A large 12 x 12 model that I use for cutting all my card bases with, a medium (and most often used) size of 8 ½ x ~5, and a smaller one that is 6 x 4.
6 X 4

8.5 X 5

12 X 12

These babies NEVER need sharpening or blade replacements. My two larger sized ones have been in use for 7 years now and still cut like butter as if they were fresh out of the package. No jagged or rough edges, a clean, perfectly aligned cut every time. Every. Time.
That is really important to me:)

  •  Easily portable (minus the 12 x 12 even though I do take it to crops) and lightweight. 
  •  Blade never needs sharpening
  • Perfect crisp, clean, straight edges on your cuts.
  • Measuring grid/ruler right on the trimmer for ease of repeat cuts.
  • SAFE. Because the blade isn't a “knife” blade, little fingers won't be sliced open        if the kiddos get a hold of it. 
  •   Cuts through several sheets of cardstock at a time with no additional effort.

Tips for using guillotine trimmers: 
  • Be sure to press down firmly on the two transparent (orange on newer models  I        think?) paper holder tabs on the base. It's become second nature for me, but I  recall   forgetting a few times when I first purchased them and my cardstock would slide and I wouldn't get a perfect cut.  
  •  Bring the cutting arm all the way up to it's highest position before slicing downwards. 
  • Make sure your table surface is solid and stable. i.e. Don't cut on a stack of wobbly magazines piled on your work area...ask me how I know this :(

I found a great price for the 8 ½ inch trimmer just for you DeNami Addict readers, and they are offering FREE SHIPPING right now! Only $14.04!!

Thanks for sticking around while I talked up my favorite crafting tools! Let me know what your experiences are with Tonic Studios Guillotine Trimmers.

Thanks for joining us today, Dana! I have to confess that after reading her post I've already ordered my new trimmer! It's a bargin and I'm not so in love with mine (can't stand edge fuzzies).
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  1. I have always struggled with paper trimmers. I am doing okay with the one I have now but if I ever need a change in the future, I will remember Dana's recommendation.

  2. Thanks for featuring my tool talk post Tina! I know you will love your trimmer:)

  3. I LOVE this! I am always looking for great paper trimmers! I've been using one for years, and it's just ok. I've tried a few others that impressed me, but their price tags scared me off. This seems like it might be the perfect solution! I'll have to look into it! Thanks for such an awesome post by two of my absolute FAVORITE people in blogland!