Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stars, Stripes & Flags (plus a little award)

Ohh my goodness, I was nominated for a little blog award by Deb from My Craftroom Creations!!! It's called the Liebster Award. Since I've never heard of this and had no idea what it ment, I spent a little one on one time with Google. After reading a ton of usless facts and sifting through the "kitty litter" I found out that it's origens are from Germany and the word "liebster" meand "nice". So basically I got an award for having a nice blog :)  Well that's something to be proud of isn't it?? Heck, who am I kidding, I'm just happy to have been noticed by at least one person and thought of!
The rules are that this award is to be passed along from blogger to blogger, and the bloggers it's passed to has to have less than 200 followers. So I pass it along to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers that I think are nice and deserve a little shout out then go to their blogs to let them know I passed the award onto them. Now when I was researching this little award I found out that back in it's original origins you were not only to pass it on, but to list a few random facts about yourself so that people could get to know you a little. I happen to love that idea and am sorry that it got lost along the way. I think it ought to be revived but the people I nominate shouldn't feel like they have to do it....

Random facts about me:
  1. I'm seriously addicted to Pinterest
  2. I check my Facebook WAY to often and think I need a 12 step program for it
  3. I'd rather text than talk on the phone because I'm constantly multi tasking and just can't manage that while talking
  4. Am seriously humbled every time someone leaves me a comment or "pins" one of my creations
  5. I tend to listen to the radio/iTunes way to loud and sing (if you can call it that, lol!) just as loud
Alright then, how about the 5 blogs that I nominate because I think the ladies are fab and work hard bringing a smile to our faces??
  1. Amy S from Standing Ovation. I've gotten to know her quite well through blogging & her love of DeNami (she's a true addict too!!). She always has a smile and is quick with a kind word.
  2. Wendy E from the Created By Wendy blog. I can not tell you how much inspiration I get from the talented gal. She is uber sweet and talented!!
  3. Linda from the Simple And Joyful Thoughts blog. How can you not love someone that loves DeNami?? ;)  But seriously though, Linda is so kind and I look forward to seeing what she creates for the DeNami blog hops!!
  4. Heidi H from Stamping, Knitting, Etc. What a sweet gal and wow, she has such and knack for creating fab cards! She's another gal I look forward to visiting a lot and gathering inspiration from.
  5. Jo from Jo's Scrap Shack. There's always A LOT going on over on Jo's blog! Inspiration, challenges, giveaways, shopping...I have no clue how she keeps up with it all...I'm in awe!!
I must say that there were so many blog that I think deserve this little award even though they have over 200 followers.

That's all my rambling for today on this subject ;) How about we get on with today's post since that's what you came here for??

Hi everyone!! Are you ready for a week of fun patriotic cards?? With the 4th of July creeping up on us; just a mere 15 days away) I thought I'd bring you a few creation that I've made. I was going to wait until next week, but changed my mind because if your a procrastinator like I can sometimes be, you need a little extra time to get yours made!! ;)
To start this week off, I decided to pull out some patterned papers and make something fairly easy yet kind of classy...
I started off with a cream card base that I distressed with some ink and a little make-up sponge. I cut the flags from patterned papers and adhered them to the base card. Then I punched a kraft & cream tag from 2 sizes of Marvy tag punches and distressed them with the same ink I used on the card base. I lucked out with the Momento Rhubarb ink matching the rusty maroon color in my patterned papers perfectly so I stamped the sentiment and brushed stars using that. I added some lace and fibers then popped it up on foam tape. This little card was easy peasy and I can make a ton of them quickly and with not much paper.
Blogger Note: If you own the "A Celebration" sentiment, you know that it's a long sentiment, not stacked the way I have it. I have a little tutorial on how I mask my sentiments to change them up to fit my cards.
I'll see you back here tomorrow with another fun 4th of July card that uses a sentiment in a whole different way!


  1. Cute card!! (And thank you for the nomination :-) ). Love the twine -- really like how you tied it around the base of the tag.

  2. Tina, Tina! You are so sweet to mention my blog in your nomination! Too new to this blogging thing to even know how to pass it on...I can't even get my blog to keep the same font half the time! Even trying to correct it, it just does what it wants to do! But I have always appreciated your inspiration and much needed help that got me into the blog hops! Always with thanks! And a very fine card you have here! Love the patriotic feel it gives.

  3. CONGRATS Tina!! Love your card today, the tag is trimmed out perfectly!!

  4. I am surprised you have never heard of the liebster award but I am glad it found its way to you blog. Your dedication to DeNami rocks.