Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Simple yet elegant "any occasion" card

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday! Lately I've felt myself struggling and don't seem to have any vision when I try to craft. Have you've ever felt that way? I sit at my desk surrounded by darling doo-dads, pretty papers and ribbons galore yet I can't seem to make anything I'm happy with. I think I have a form of writers block...card block perhaps? After 2 weeks of me sitting at my desk and shoving items from one side to another just to be left untouched and unappreciated, I decided to stop the madness and get back to the basics.

If you've followed me for very long, you know that most of the time I tend to not use patterned papers because I really do enjoy making my own. I recently made a Halloween card that reminded me of what I've not been doing and I've realized how much I miss it. That's not to say that I don't own any patterned papers, lol. I'm actually mortified when I look at my horded stacks (yes, there is an "s" on stacks!) of gorgeous papers. I have an severe addiction to those wonderful little 6X6 paper pads...sigh.

Well, as I stated, I wanted to get back to the basics to clear my mind and get myself out of my little slump. I started by pulling out some of my favorite DeNami Design stamps and doing what I do best...made me some yummy patterned paper! My patterned paper was way easy to create and it only used 2 stamps...large dot swirl & the little fern from the elegant floral petit four set.

I added a simple little (raised on foam tape) layered panel using one of the pretty images from  ornamental centerpiece set and a fun ribbon treatment on the thinking of you sentiment (raised on foam tape) to finish it all off. This card came together fairly fast and looks great for any occasion.

I'm starting to feel more like my old self already! :)  Have a great day and I'll see ya on Friday!



  1. I love the large dot swirl and I love the way you've used it here!! Super card Tina! I go through those slumps too, think we all so. But getting back to your roots seems to have cured you!!!

  2. This is a really cute card! That background is very elegant and sweet. And you are not the only one who gets in those slumps! There have been many times, just like you that I've shoved things around and been surrounded by gorgeous embellishments and papers and came up empty. It happens to us all and I've actually sat and tried to think about why this happens and what I've come up with ... is that I think we try to hard to create something MORE amazing then the last thing we made and we try to WOW our readers so it becomes more of a competition or battle of the blogs and we forget to just have FUN and RELAX. When we take that pressure off of ourselves and not try to out do so and so, we tend to create the most beautiful things without the stress and writer's block. At least that's what I think anyways! Think I will copy/paste this onto my blog as it sends out a message that I think everyone in the craft would appreciate. Hope you are having a great Saturday my friend!