Monday, March 9, 2015

Lucky horse shoes

It's just down right tough being me some days, lol!! My time management lately has been seriously lacking and in need of an overhaul but honestly, I'm just to darn lazy and tired to even think about it!! This post should have been written up last night (or even before) so that it could post first thing this morning. Yesterday I was soooo tired and felt lethargic and could hardly move after I got off work. Got to work this morning and had lots to do so couldn't get to my post right away like I'd hoped...sigh. What's a gal to do, right??

Are you ready for St. Patty's Day?? I thought I'd show this quick and easy card that I came up with. 

I started off by pulling out some white cardstock and made my own patterned paper using images from the Lucky Irish and the Southwest petit four stamp sets. I "google images" a horse shoe to use as a template and cut it out. I adhered all my layers together and after tying some twine onto my horse shoe added it then blinged it out a bit. I made the little sentiment panel and popped it up using foam tape. I thought it needed an anchor to I punched 3 hearts and cut a little sliver of paper to make the clover. Easy peasy, right?? 

Happy St. Partick's Day
Lucky Irish Stamp Set
Southwest Stamp Set

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  1. Very cute Tina! I know the feeling, sometimes you run around like chicken with your head cut off and at the end of the day NOTHING is checked off your list LOL!!! Hang in there ;)