Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A great big THANK YOU

I'm only 41, but this point in my life I'm kind of an empty nester, my son is 22 and out and has been out on his on his own for 3 years now. I was feeling a bit lonely and my hubby thought it was the perfect time to purchase a new dog. We've always had a dog but our yellow lab had passed at the age of 16 back in 2009 and we just didn't have the heart to get a new felt like I was trying to replace Che'. So, in the fall of 2010 hubby had enough of my being mopey and said it was time...needless to say, Moe is the light of my life these days. He's a great mix of Mommy's boy and Daddy's boy. He's a lover and likes to try to sleep snuggled up in my lap but rough & tumble enough to hang out with the guys (right down to rolling on a dead fish during a fishing trip with his Dad & Uncle not long ago...eeeewwww!).
 Wasn't he such a cutie???

Here's Moe today...
Now he's just a 110 pound cutie, lol. And yes, he does love sprucing up and showing off for the ladies with a little neckerchief. He has quite a collection. ;)

I'm sure ya'll are wondering where all this is going, right? Well, Moe recently had his 2nd birthday and we used the excuse to have a fun family get together. My sister-in-law, Robyn, is exceptionally thoughtful and always doing wonderful things...this was no exception, she brought Moe some wrapped birthday presents! How fun is she? He loves his new toys and treats and what better excuse do you need than to get a little crafty time in...we have to have a thank you card after all, right?

Here's what I created...
I just couldn't resist going with a puppy theme. DeNami's puppy and paw print are perfect! When I started making this card I originally started stamping the white panel in bright reds, yellows and blues. Funny how your card can do such a dramatic change right in the middle of making it. I'm really happy with the more subdued colors and softness of it over all.

Hope ya'll have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Moe is a cutie pie puppy!

    I like that you went with the softer blue theme as he is a boy dog! You represented Moe well! :)

  2. I am (sadly) allergic to dogs, but Moe just looks so cute- I would HAVE to pet him. Of course, right afterwards, I would have to wash my hands and take allergy meds.

    This card is so cute, Tina. Love the colors and the stamp choices are PERFECT! Your SIL is going to love this!

  3. Labs are the best! Moe is a looker too :) Your hubs was smart to see the signs...that you NEEDED a new pup to spoil. I love the idea of a woofday party and wrapped presents...hope he has a great year :)

  4. Oh and the card is super sweet too! I was so overcome by Moe's awesomeness and attractiveness that I forgot to comment on the color scheme and the cute.