Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How big is your DeNami collection??

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday! The week is officially half over..can I have a WOO-HOO?? As promised, I made another haul video for you guys. Did any of you take advantage of the September coupon? I did and then some! I actually placed 2 orders...good thing I have an understanding hubby that gives into my obsession :)  I'm a lucky gal!

I couldn't remember off the top of my head where I saw certain stamps, I kinda put myself on the spot and then went brain dead, lol. And of course after finishing the video I realized I saw the butterfly in Stacy's collection and the leafy tree & leafy vine are in Greta's collection...go figure! I hope you enjoyed the video and like I said, I'd love to see your collection. I got a lot of inspiration from seeing yours! Here's the link to the magnetic board that I mentioned in my video.

I've added a couple of more pictures (my September haul) to my collection photos. There is also one little stamp that I didn't show in the video. I found this little guy on the Internet for $2.50...It's an oldie from 1990! I just love that DeNami dates their stamps. I'm also adding the link for your collections to this post in case someone would like to join us for a little show and tell fun! Feel free to link up your collection and visit everyone that has already linked. I just love seeing what stamps you've purchased, some of you will recognize a few of my new stamps...I made my purchase decisions because I fell in love with yours!

As of today I have 323 random/single stamps, 38 Petit four sets, & 4 trifle sets which is a grand total of...487 stamps!! Some day I may get everything on my wish list, but it's still fairly long. To see my full collection, click here.

Well, that's it for me today. I hope you liked the video...there was a lot to show! Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you back here real soon!!

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  1. You have so many stamps, how did you not already have all of those stamps??? Well you picked out a great selection. I am totally tripping out over your pansy stamps!! I adore pansies and I have been wondering why I have not ordered the newest set of pansy stamps! But this is the month to make an addition!

    And I totally agree about supporting small businesses in America!