Friday, August 10, 2012


Good morning everyone! Today I have a little project I'd like to share with ya'll. Did you know that DeNami carries some adorable patterned paper? I've had some for a while, but like most crafters, I hoard my favorite things...this paper pack was much loved.

I always try my best when I make a card or project, but I don't pretend that it's always easy or that I'm amazing at what I do...because simply put, it's not & I'm not! I've learned the hard way that some people will tell you how easy things go when it's far from it or only give you partial directions and when you try something it all goes horribly wrong. This little project shows just that! I'm a huge Pinterest addict and yes, I pin lots of things with the best of intentions! A little project caught my eye, but the link didn't work. However, it looked pretty easy so I pinned it. Last week I decided to try it out, how hard could it looked pretty cut and dry. When I asked myself that question it was rhetorical, not a challenge to the powers of the crafty universe....sigh! Let me show you my little project, then I'll regale ya'll with my horror story, lol.

TA-DAAA! A magnetic board
How about a closer look so you can see the magnets I created to go along with it...
Now for my little horror story....
I figured that the gal who made the one I'd seen just Mod Podged some paper to a pan...easy peasy...or so I thought! Now keep in mind that I was using some MUCHO loved paper that I had hidden away for something special. I purchased the cookie sheep from the dollar store, gotten a jar of Mod Podge, watched a couple of videos on You Tube making similar projects and thought I was good to go. I've not used this stuff before, but the gals on You Tube made it look pretty dang easy. I drilled my holes, measured and cut my paper with care and started slathering on the Mod Podge without a care in the world....until my beloved paper started bubbling up even though I used a scraper to smooth it out. After a few choice words I calmed down a bit and decided that maybe I should have applied my ATG to the back of the paper first. I practically cried when I had to rip my beloved paper from the pan...sigh. I cut more paper and added my ATG to the back, coated the pan with more Mod Podge, placed my paper on and once again slathered on its top coat after the bottom coat dried. Once again....bubbles - UGGGG! Not again!! Now my choice words weren't even fit for a sailors ears much less my poor dog, Moe, that heard it all! To say I was devastated would be putting it mildly. I only had enough paper for one more try...what was I going to do?? I got back on You Tube and managed to find the Mod Podge people themselves. After watching a few videos I learned that I should coat my paper with a clear acrylic sealer. I ran out to a big box crafty store to get what I needed. A block from home I was in a major accident, hit by someone running a red light with no plates on the car or insurance (I'm okay, but the insurance company says the car is dead forever). I think it was a sign...the universe was really trying to tell me something, however, I was determined, after all I had been through I wasn't about to give up! I put my big girl panties on, made some refreshing lemonade with the lemons I was dealt, sucked up the pain in my shoulders & neck and went to work. The crafty powers that be must have felt sorry for me because everything went off without a hitch and my little project turned out cute if I say so myself. It's now hanging up in my office. This little DeNami project took some serious dedication but I'm happy with the result and happy that I can share it with all of you gals! Now the only issues I have is not wanting to put notes on it because it would cover up the cuteness and the fact that I need to order some more yummy DeNami patterned paper to horde!

Thanks for stopping by and "listening" to my horror story on this projects creation!
If you want to pick my brain and make one for yourself, feel free to e-mail me.
 I promise to leave nothing out!! ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, Tina! What a story! I would have given up. But I love your attitude after the accident to make lemonade and continue on! So sorry about your car and a very scary event. Dang cute little board though! Thanks for the reminder that events don't rule us, but only our reactions to them!

  2. I am glad to hear you are okay!

    This is a really cute board. It is hard to tell in the photo but are the magnets made from bottle caps with little DeNami stamps inside? It is my favorite part of the board!

    1. Stacy, they are indeed! I stamped a few of my faves and punched them out with a 1" circle punch. Spare Parts has bottle caps & little clear bubble thingies that fit inside. They make awesome magnets!

  3. I'm a confessed paper hoarder too! Love your magnet board project...and your photo tutorial on the DeNami Blog today was SUPER!

  4. Oh Tina! So sorry to hear about the accident, glad you were able to walk away with "minor" injuries....but oh what a project...very lovely...I'm afraid I couldn't cover it up with 'stuff', I'd call it Wall Art! Well done!

  5. Your project is so darn cute! I love it. Sorry to hear about your accident. I would strongly suggest a chiropractor visit. :)