Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas bag

Hi everyone. Today I want to share a bag that I made for one of my Hubby's Christmas gifts. I ran out of store bought bags and honestly, I was way to lazy to go to the local dollar store and didn't want to wait until I was out and about again so I improvised. I have several normal old brown lunch bags living in the back of the pantry so I just pulled one out and went to town on it.  ;)  

This bag was super CHEAP, EASY and FAST, what's not to love about that??
I simply used the Classic Christmas petite four set to randomly stamp a design all over the bag then randomly stamped the Christmas Wishes sentiment. I didn't like the top edge of the bag so I simply used an edge punch to make it pretty. To close it I folded it over securing it with my ATG and ran a piece of ribbon through it to dress it up. See, sometimes good things come from being lazy, lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Every year, I keep thinking I will stamp some of my own wrapping paper and bags. And every year I never do! I really need to start this Christmas deal in October. Your bag is a beauty!