Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recipe cards

Hi everyone, are you ready for a fun new project to try out? I have to confess something, this isn't the project I was going to show this month but i just didn't have the time to edit the photo tutorial I made because I didn't have a computer or access to the Internet for about 5 days. Luckily I had this little project sitting on a shelf ;)

The pictures are kinda bad, sorry about that. I'm just a hot mess these days and it's starting to show :/  but let's not dwell on that, let's get to what I think is a FUN little project that makes a great gift or something fun for yourself.

I know that now a days we tend to not use recipe cards and that some of you younger gals are not even sure what the heck I'm even talking about what with the Internet and printing them out. They're kinda obsolete, I'll admit that. But there's just something about pulling out a little food stained card with a handwritten recipe on it that makes me all warm and toasty.  I wish I could say they bring back memories of my Grandma or Mother cooking up a Sunday or holiday dinner, however, I never got the chance to meet my Grandmothers and well, Mom just didn't do that, lol. Maybe it's just my wishful thinking and wanting a little nostalgia? At any rate, I simply love them.

DeNami has a ton of stamps that are perfect for making fun recipe cards. I've pulled out a few from my collection
Fruits, veggies and yummy dessert stamps.

Right now my kitchen is red and white with gingham and cherries (The gingham is no surprise is it, lol???) so I made a few cards to match. I can put these on my ohh so cute cherry memory boards my sister, Pam, made for me. I also made a few for veggie / side dishes and who doesn't love dessert...I have my priorities ya know ;)

While they are fun to keep, they are also fun to give. Do you know someone moving to a new home or getting married? A few kitchen towels, a wood spoon and a bit of ribbon makes a real cute gift when you add a few home made recipe cards with some yummy hand written tummy love on them...

Maybe you can start a new tradition by using recipe cards and passing them down to your daughter, grand daughter or whomever.

That's all for me today, thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. Oh I love those tiny little cube stamps. Those look so adorable. I am sure, that would look awesome on recipe cards as well.