Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Showers

If you follow the uber awesome Paulina on her personal blog, Pretty pink Posh, then you know of her puffy heart love for sequins. After seeing some amazing creations using her beloved sequins, I just had to have some of my own. She purchased her's from Ellen Hutson (link on bottom right of her blog) so that's where I went for some blingie goodness. Unfortunately they were sold out of several colors I wanted but I did manage to pick up a few beautiful colors. The pictures do not do the colors justice, they are sooo pretty!! I was talking to Paulina about buying some sequins but not being able to get all the colors I had wanted and true to her sweet self, Paulina shared some of hers with me! Isn't she awesome???

When I saw the blue sequins I instantly had a vision of what I wanted to do with them. It's not often that what I plan in my mind works so perfectly on paper, but this one sure did....

 I can certainly see why she's addicted and truth be told, I'm seriously addicted now too! ;)

That's it for me today, thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. Love that I was able to pass along my addiction to sequins with you! :)