Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Birds...

Hi and happy FRIDAY!!! I'm so thankful that this week is over and I don't have to think about my job for a little while!! Why didn't I marry a rich guy??? I settled for handsome, caring and funny instead...dang it! ;)

Today I wanted to show you 3 older stamps along with 2 from last year. I just LOVE the cute little Tweety bird and couldn't wait to use him again. I came up with the idea for this card and when I went to look for the stamp I wanted to use, realized I DID NOT own it...gasp!!!!! I know, I'm as shocked as you's practically shameful to be honest. ;)

Well, I didn't let not owning the little Tweety Birds with the heart stamp stop me from making my intended card, I simply improvised! I used the single Tweety Bird along with one bird from the Tweety Bird Border and the teeny heart to make my own....yes, it was doing things the hard way and I would have rather had the stamp I wanted to use, but this worked out in the end and got me thinking outside of the box. I think they look too adorable perched up there on the Winter Branch (I masked off several limbs before stamping). And how perfect is that of my faves :)

Well that's it for me today, hope you liked this little creation and I'll see y'all on Monday!!


  1. It definitely is a fun card, so lovely and pink. I think you came up with an ingenious work around to get the card you wanted made--made. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who plans up a card around a stamp they don't own.

  2. Way to go girl, great way to make use of what you had!! Cute card ;)

  3. It is a super cute card! I am sorry to read all that you went through this month but so happy you are feeling better. All the best to you.