Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bee Happy....

Did y'all know that my hubby is a bee keeper...maybe I've mentioned that before? He's always been interested in bees for as long as I can remember, but 3 years ago finally took the plunge and started keeping his own hive. This year he really branched out and has what are referred to as "bee yards". This is where you keep hives on someone else's property, but you are still responsible for the bees, hives, etc. Basically, you're just using their property to house the bees and normally there is a monetary or honey agreement. People actually advertise on Craigslist looking for bee keepers to place bees on their property...strange isn't it? People realize that there is a shortage of bees and are interested in them and what they do for the environment but realize that they don't have the resources or know how so they offer up space for people like my hubby to place hives. He currently has 6 hives at home and 2 out on someone's property. The gal that wanted hives really likes bees and doesn't want any type of rent, she's just happy to have her flowers pollinated so as a thank you, we gave her a little honey a few weeks ago. Now her neighbor wants hives too so in the spring he'll be expanding again!  

Well, with bee's in the family how could I NOT teach a card making class using bees as a theme?? Here are the cards I came up with that the gals made....

Ohh my goodness, I went to look for pictures of these cards and I had to steal the pictures from The Stamp Pad's Facebook page, I always forget to take pictures...sigh! The class went over pretty good, had lots of ladies sign up :) but man, I wish I could have used some of the DeNami bees, they are too stinkin' cute!! 
curly bee

Brushed Bee

Either of them would have looked sooooooo much cuter on my little ball jar card but I have to use only the products that the shop carries. Bummer!

Well that's it for me today, I better run, lots of things to do!! I'll see ya on Friday!!


  1. I did not know your hubby was a bee keeper Tina, that is so awesome!! Hubby and I have noticed a decline in the honey bee's in our neighborhood, which is sad. I guess we need someone to put hives on our land. I didn't know they advertised on Craig's List either. So much info so thanks for that. I find hive keeping very interesting. Your bee cards are adorable! I do love the DeNami bee's better too. lol Too bad you could only use what the store sells. Hugs, Brenda

  2. What a fun adventure your hubby has going!! Hope it continues to grow for him. Your cards are, well...beeeeeeautiful!! Sorry couldn't resist!! Seriously though, the are!!!