Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby cards with DeNami Giraffe

You gals are too sweet and I just LOVE your comments!!!! I may or may not have snickered out loud when I read the "beeeeeeeutiful" part from Lisa's comment! No judging here, you should have heard all the bee  puns we were all throwing out during the was quite sad, lol! We were laughing so hard at one point that the gals couldn't even make their cards! That was a fun class! ;)  Brenda, look up your local area on craigs list or even google bee clubs (yup, most area actually have clubs!!) in such & such area. You'll be sure to find a beekeeper looking for someone to host a bee yard. 

On with today's post, I have lots to show you today. Quite a while back I was making cards to submit to magazines. Well, those days are far gone, lol, I have plenty to keep me busy what with design teams and teaching and haven't thought much about submitting at all. I guess I'm feeling content at the moment but someday, yeah, I WANT to be published!! I have a little set of cards that I made specifically for Card Maker magazine that I never showed to y'all. It's been quite a while, months and months and month to be exact, lol, and I got my thanks but no thanks letter months and months and months ago so I could have shown them off way back then. Not sure why I haven't, other than I kinda forgot about them at one point...yikes! Anyway, I think they turned out cute even if my coloring wasn't all that at the time - this was way before I started playing with Copics. I think I'd like to tackle this little cutie with Copics now ;)

I made one for a girl, a boy and a neutral one. All 3 are made the same way just changing up the colors a bit makes a big difference doesn't it? I started out with an A2 chocolate colored card base. I stamped the DeNami medium polka dot stamp on cream cardstock then stamped the smaller DeNami polka dot & teeny heart  backgrounds in Versamark on a strip of kraft. I edge punched a piece of black cardstock, layered the 2 strips then attached them to the cream panel. I tied a piece of alphabet twill ribbon around the top then attached it to the card base. I cut little random sized squares of chocolate and layered on little cream squares then stamped out letters to spell "baby". I think DeNami needs an alphabet set...hint hint, Nami, hehehe! Anyway, I then attached them to the card using foam tape/pop dots. I punched 2 tags, one black & one cream. I trimmed down the cream one and stamped on the little DeNami giraffe, colored it and added faux stitch lines. I then added a bit of twine (a super long piece) and tied it to the twill ribbon knot that I had made earlier and then added some grosgrain ribbon and a button to finish it all off. Since I used a long piece of twine I was able to really secure it all together nicely, there was plenty to tie around the twill knot and come up through the button. I added a little piece of foam tape under the tag to hold it in place and added a little bling to complete the whole card. 

Well that's it for me today, I have to run, didn't realize what time it was...ohh gosh!! I'll see y'all on Monday, have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. So sweet!! Love the alphabet ribbon!!

  2. Thanks about the tip on looking up about the bees Tina! Who knew, not me! lol Your baby cards are simply adorable Tina. I love that cute giraffe and love the way you colored him on all the cards. That ribbon is awesome too and for the life of me I can't imagine why they weren't chosen to be published! They are just adorable!! Hugs, Brenda