Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creations By AR - Nov 2014 Release

Hi everyone how are you today? It's turned WAY cold here in Missouri with winds and cold coming from Canada...BRRRRR! I'm so not ready for the below freezing temps!!! Living in the Midwest is such a roller coaster when it comes to weather. 

Anyway...surprise, it's only Tuesday!!!! I know I'm usually not here on Tuesdays but I want to show you a brand new template from Creations By AR that becomes available today. It's really cute and SUPER easy to make weather you cut templates by hand or use a cutting machine such as a Cameo or Cricut. 

How cute is this little bottle template? I just love it! As usual with all of Adela's templates, it includes detailed step by step instructions along with LOTS of pictures as the file comes with a PDF for cutting by hand and several options for machine cutting. This template is really fun and comes full of options like 2 different sentiment face plates, the wrapper for the top of the bottle, a little band for the top of the bottle and an insert to make it a test tube holder.

As you can see from the first page of the instructions, Adela made hers into a champagne bottle. I thought I would make a wine bottle but as I was shopping for papers I came across a fun retro bottle cap patterned paper that I couldn't resist and thought why not make a soda bottle?? These would be really fun at a kids or teenagers birthday party.

 I cut my bottle front and back then just simply snipped off the very top part that's supposed to be the cork. Now I have a soda bottle just like I used to drink from as a kid - gonna date myself, but remember turning them in at the neighborhood store for the 10¢? I'd immediately spend my hard earned money of penny candy such as swedish fish and sour cherry balls...YUMMY! ☺
 I just love that you can put yummy treats in the bottle...I'm dreaming of swedish fish, lol!! 
The little treat holder part is right about 3" deep and as you can see in the picture of the instruction sheet it comes with the option of making it into a test tube holder. 

This little holder has so many uses...do a baby theme for a shower, champagne or wine theme for an wedding or wedding shower. Ohh my gosh...make the little test tube holder option and fill it with wine or champagne and have one at every place (seriously...2 minutes to put these together) setting so they can be used during the toast to the bride and groom...HOW FUN!!!

Well that's it for me today. I hope you like my little bottle and you can go here - Bottle Of Cheer 2 - if you'd like to check it out and purchase the template. Remember, after you purchase any of her templates you have them for a lifetime of unlimited number of uses!!


  1. Tina, your bottle is delightful! Love the paper you used! Great job showcasing Adela's wonderful template!

  2. Oh my goodness, these little treat boxes are awesome Tina! I love them!! They would be so useful for many things/holidays. We had a lovely day today, High 60's for today and I mowed the grass hopefully for the last time today, but then it will come crashing down. That cold air storm system is going to be covering most of the US-crazy!!! Trust me, the weather is like a roller coaster ride around here too. I think it is fickle all over anymore. Stay warm!!! Hugs, Brenda

  3. HOW FUN is this!! You did a great job Tina and the paper was perfect!!