Monday, September 2, 2013

Happenings - September 2013


Well hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Happenings! If you're new here, on the first Monday of every month I just sit here and ramble about all sorts of stuff I find interesting and things I think you might want to know about. ;)    
I have some super exciting news I'm DYING to share but unfortunately I can't tell y'all about it quite yet, but look for a fun bit of news later this week!!

Well, ya know how I sent in an application for the DT call at Sweet Stamp Shop...yeah, I didn't get the position. However, it was the nicest "thanks but no thanks" e-mail I've ever received, lol!! But you know, that's alright, I can't win them all now can I? You can't let a little rejection get you down, have to take it on the chin and keep reaching for that dream. :) 

Ohh my goodness, did you see the AMAZINGLY fun news over at Paper Sweeties??? The little "paper dolls" now have matching dies so you can cut them out!!! I was humbled & honored to be "in the loop" from the start on this little addition to the stamp line....what fun!! And as for the name (insert patting myself on the back here), I came up with Sweet Cuts ;)  I never come up with good names and have no clue how I mamaged that one, lol!!

And speaking of fun new products, DeNami is going to start carrying a HUGE line of dry emboss folders!!! When I worked in the show booth last month I knew they were toying with the idea, but wow, they're going to do fun fun!!!

A good thing about buying the folders either with a stamp order or even by themselves is that they really don't weight anything...shipping should be way reasonable! I can't wait to scope them out!

Did you have a chance to see the start to finish card video or the step by step card tutorial I had on the blog this past month? You can find all of my tutorials, tips & tricks, videos and other fun stuff by clicking the links at the top of the page.

I'm gearing up to start my fall and holiday cards right away. If there's any stamps you'd like to see used just let me know :)

I'll see you back here on Wednesday with another little card using the fun Peacock feather stamp!!

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