Friday, January 6, 2012

A little DeNami give-a-way

Heya DeNami friends, I decided to re-run this post in order to make sure everyone got a chance to enter. A special thanks to Paulina for her shout out on Facebook...she rocks! Remember, you have through Sunday to leave your comments and I will be picking a random winner and the announcement on Monday. GOOD LUCK!

Hi ya'll, Happy New Year!!! Did you have a nice Holiday? Santa sure was good to me this year! I got to thinking that Wendy and I should start off this new year the best way we knew how...with a DeNami give-away! Can't get better than that can we? ;)

Here's what's up for grabs...

Here's the info you need...
1.) Like DeNami on face book (let us know if you already do)
2.) Follow our little blog (let us know if you already do)
3.) Tell us how you store your DeNami stamps
That's 3 full chances to win...You have until Sunday to enter and I will randomly pick a winner next Monday so be sure to stop back by to see if you're the lucky one!

I just love my DeNami stamps and like to keep them within arms reach since I use them more than any other stamp. I use the drawer system from Sterilite and all but 1 1/2 drawers are filled with DeNami stamps. I keep them organized in a particular order so I can find everything easily, and let me tell you, that's hard to do with around 225 DeNami stamps (and that's with counting sets as one stamp)! All the holiday stamps are together in one drawer, sentiments in another drawer, petit fours in another, well, you get it. I decided to go ahead and show you my whole messy work space. I just love seeing where people make the magic that strange?? Well, anyway, I thought I'd show you mine along with how I store my DeNami goodies :)
I have tools, ribbon, misc ink pads, pencils, punches and 3 ring binders for clear stamps on the left. My cardstock is under the desk and my much loved DeNami stamps with scrap cardstock and my Cuttlebug stuff on the right. I always have a little portable table in front of the drawers on the left. There's always stamps and ribbon scattered on it from projects in the works.

Wendy says:

Now that you see how totally organized Tina is....I shame in comparison. going with the whole "you show me yours I'll show you mine" thing....this is how I store my DeNami stamps:

"What is that?" you say? Well, its a "re-purposed" microfiche cabinet rescued from the library. Getting it home and up the stairs to the woman cave was no small feat let me tell you. I spray painted it white (I am thinking one day soon I may stamp on it). It is right beside my work table and literally is within arms reach. It has 4 drawers and 3 and half are already full! The top drawer is where I store my "go-to"tools and ribbon and glitters. The second drawer (top pic above) and third drawer (second pic above) hold my stamps. The bottom drawer has punches but soon will be holding stamps too!

Now for my "non Denami" (gasp - shocker that I own anything not DeNami - but shhhh I won't tell if you don't). I have a custom made cabinet that Uncle Rick made for me (I don't have a pic of it on this computer or I would show you - maybe another post) and its FULL. Think I have a slight stamping problem? HA!

Now its your turn, tell us how you store your goodies! Good luck and don't forget to use all three chances to enter.


  1. i store my denami stamps in a sterilite bin for's overflowing! i only have 26 stamps (i'm counting trifles & petit fours as 1 stamp) so far, but i sense more will be living with me soon ;) thanks for the chance to win! love denami!

  2. I am a follower of your blog - love it!

  3. I follow denami on facebook too.

  4. I store my stamps in sterilite drawers, which are overflowing, but i can't stop adding more to my collection :)

  5. I also store my stamps in Sterlite drawers. Keeps them organized and within reach at all times. I have you on my blog sidebar and also follow on facebook.

  6. I store mine in the same drawer system you do! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win! :-) Have a great weekend!

  7. I just started following your blog. ;o)

  8. I have a 3-drawer roll-away and store all my DeNami stamps, buttons, ribbon & paper in the bottom drawer.
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome package of DeNami goodies! ;o)