Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween fun

Blogger Note: I was in such a hurry to write this post and to publish it, I totally forgot to tell ya'll that I was going to enter this card into the "anything goes" challenge!'s Monday alright, hope the rest of my week goes better, lol!!

So, like, I'm having a slight meltdown. I am not one of those people that deal with change very well. I get used to something and I'm comfortable and tend to go into panic mode when it gets messed with. Dang blogger! Quite some time back blogger changed it's interface. :(  Not happy. It let me revert back to the old interface with a warning that it will revert totally soon...I thought I'd keep what I was used to until I was forced to change. Well, that day has's all different and scary and I'm not a happy camper. I want my old interface back!!! Sigh....
Well, now that I've moaned and complained about things this morning, let's move onto something fun shall we. I'm running a little late posting today do to a change in the line up. I have a little Halloween card that I have entered into the upcoming "personal Style" challenge over on DeNami's Facebook page. This is actually my 2nd entry...I definitely have multiple personalities with my crafting. I love glitter, bows, buttons, layers, lots of colors...Ohh how I love it all! The cards I make tend to be elegant or girly or even fun, like this one. I'm glad I don't limit myself and craft inside a little freedom is such a joy!

It's never too early to profess your love for your favorite holiday is it??

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you Wednesday with a special post (that may or may not contain a little video) you are sure to like!!


  1. LOVE this card! It's so fun and well, perfect!

    I'm with you- NOT a fan of the new interface at all. Why change something if it's not broken? *sigh* Guess we have to get used to it- doesn't look like they're going back now!

  2. Oh my goodness, Ms. Tina! How cute is this card? That chevron stamp just makes this! PERFECT Halloween card!

  3. I was wondering where your post was this morning... I have been doing the new interface for awhile now. I figured it would be better to just learn how to use while my blog is still young then to get to settled in to the old interface.

    And the layout of your card is just perfect!! I love the chevron along the side of the card as well and the ghost and bat popping up on the card rounds it all out. Great job and good luck!

  4. Tina, this is so amazing. Love everything about it.

  5. Oh, this is amazing, Tina! I love how you used the new fence stamp, and the chevron adds so much background detail!! Thanks for playing in our Anything Goes challenge!!

  6. Tina, this is perfect! I love the focal point scene, the fab bow and button...and that chevron strip is awesome. LOVE this design!!!

    Blogger is a real pain isn't it? I hate this interface, but they are NOT going to change it back. I also don't like how everytime I visit a blog, blogger changes the web address to ".ca"...if I'm trying to link up to that blog for a challenge or to give credit for an idea...the link won't work if I forget to change it back to ".com". It's the little things about the change that annoy me so much cause they just waste time I could be spending stamping! lol

  7. Love that bow and button! Fabulous card, Tina!