Thursday, October 25, 2012

A small haul and my new ATG

Hi everyone, yes, I know it's only Thursday, but I have something I wanted to share with ya'll that I'm excited about! :)  Now we all have a favorite adhesive that we use, I've tried many many many different ones and have come to LOVE my ATG. Once I got used to the size and using it, I've been in adhesive Heaven ever since....or so I thought. Over the World Card Making Day weekend, our very own DeNami Goddess, Paulina, showed us some fun ways to use glitter and I noticed that her ATG seemed a lot wider than mine. After a little research (meaning me asking her about it, lol!) I found out that yes indeed, the one DeNami sells IS wider. My interest was immediately peeked...I wanted this lovely little adhesive gun for myself. I've taken a few pictures so that you can see the differences....

as you can see, my pink one is the same exact size as the new one from DeNami

The big difference - the spacers inside holding the tape spool. The best part, not only do you get a much wider adhesive, but you can remove the spacer and use the narrow tape in this gun too!

as you can see, my new ATG is twice the width of my old one. One roll of adhesive is the same size as 2 regular rolls

1/2" vs.1/4"

I also picked up a couple of stamps while I was ordering...why not, right?! ;)

E98 Small Dot Wreath

C57 Mini Dot Wreath

D111 Bunch of Bananas

ATG100 ATG Refill Tape

ATG01 ATG Dispenser (these go pretty quick when they are in stock. Just let Paulina know and she'll contact you when they get some in again)

Have you entered the DeNami Addict sketch challenge yet...whatcha waiting for? Remember that you don't have to use a DeNami product to enter...just click on the link over on the sidebar. Well, that's it for me today....I'm going to go play with my new toy! Bye :)


  1. Well you learn something knew everyday! You are going to have fun with those wreaths!

  2. I heart my ATG. I only have the big size though. Love that you have the versatility.

  3. Yay! I'm so happy you are already starting to use your new ATG! I hope you've been putting it to good use. :)