Monday, February 4, 2013

DeNami Happenings - Feburary 2013

Hi everyone and welcome to another issue of DeNami Happenings! Seems like forever since I just sat and chatted with you. I know I had a news letter for January, but with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, the new release and coming up with new and fun things here on the blog I feel like I've been neglecting you a little. So happy that things have started to calm down and we are all getting back into our groove...well, that is until next November ;)  when we all get crazy again!
As you know, DeNami Design had a new release last month. It was HUGE! I really like the cling stamps but am so used to the wood that I was happy they mixed it up for us and brought back both types. The wood block stamps take up a lot of real estate, but there's just something about them that I puffy heart. As my Christmas present, I got to "have it all". That's one present I didn't mind waiting until after Christmas for. Well, I kinda minded waiting...hehehe. All those yummy sneak peeks just about gave me a stroke, lol!! How can something be so fun and make you crazy all at the same time? ;)  
At the top of the blog you'll notice a tab for DeNami Collections. This is where I, along with other  DeNami Addicts, have linked up pictures of our DeNami collection. I just LOVE seeing what everyone has in their collections. Also, it lets you see the actual stamp VS. just the image. You can better judge the size and how a stamp looks...if you're like me, that's very handy. I've even purchased a few stamps after seeing them in someones collection. I'd seen them on the DeNami site before, and they just didn't manage to catch my eye, but seeing them "in real life", it just gave the image a total new perspective. The link is still open and I think I can speak for everyone, we'd love for you to add your collection too. I've updated my pictures to include my latest purchases and there just may be a little haul video right after the hustle & bustle of Valentines is over ;)

Speaking of the tabs at the top of the blog, I've added a new page recently; Tutorials & Tips. I thought you might like an easy reference guide on some of the things I cover on the blog. I've listed all of the Tips & Tricks posts along with the tutorials I've done (for the DeNami blog) and the two newest features here on the blog, Tool Talk and the Start To Finish Card Videos.

If there's ever a subject you'd like covered, just shoot me an e-mail. If I don't know how to do it, I'll sure work hard on finding someone that does!

Did you know that besides this blog, I run a YouTube channel and am on Facebook? I have posted my haul videos, a tips & Tricks video and the start to finish Valentine card video on YouTube, I can't wait to make more. We just got our 65th "like" on Facebook the other day...My goodness that is exciting!! I can't believe I have 1, much less 65! All of you gals ROCK...thank you so much :) 

In last months DeNami Happenings I mentioned a few new features were in the works here on the Addict blog. They've all 3 had their debut and I hope you liked them. Tool Talk and The Project Corner will definitely be monthly features, however, the start to finish card videos probably won't be monthly. I know that you love videos, so I'll try to make as many as I can, but there's just no way to manage them on a monthly basis. I had a great time making my valentine card video for you and can't wait to make another one! They definitely aren't going to go away ;)
I wanted to tell all of you just how amazing you truly are. I was overwhelmed with your wonderful comments here on the blog and on Facebook concerning my Washi Tape Tips & Tricks post. I'm just speechless with the love I felt. Thank you everyone!! And now what you've really been waiting for!! I want to thank everyone that left a comment on last week's Tips & Tricks post for a chance to win 2 rolls of DeNami Washi Tape. Our Winner is Sue...

Please send me an E-mail letting me know which 2 Washi tapes you'd like and I'll get them ordered right away so that Paulina can get them out to you. Even if you didn't win, hopefully you try some Washi Tape out for yourself. Be sure to stop by and let me know, I'd love to see what you did with it!

Well that's going to wrap up this post. Hope to see you here on the Addict blog again soon and I still have a ton of Valentine eye candy to show you! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Tina,
    I was thrilled to open my confessions of a denami addict blog today and discover I won! Thank you so much!
    However when I tried to reply, at your address, it bounced back! Is there another address I can use?

  2. I am glad you have a lot of eye candy for V-day because I am struggling with my V-day groove. I just want to make a card for my husband and be done with it!