Monday, June 17, 2013

Tool Talk - June 2013

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of Tool Talk!! This is where we crafters introduce each other to our favorite crafty items. Today we are lucky enough to have Amy S. (a personal friend and amazingly sweet person) joining us to talk about her favorite tool. She's super fab and I look forward to seeing her stunning creations every month during the DeNami blog hops. Did you catch the one last week...OMG, her card blew me away!! She is a wiz with ribbon too...I call her the Queen of Ribbon Treatments. She's always coming up with something to knock my socks off! Well let's get started shall we??
Hello everyone, I’m Amy from the Standing Ovation blog.  I just LOVE reading about other bloggers’ favorite tools, and I feel truly honored to be involved.  However, when I agreed, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to decide on which tool to discuss!  I have so many favorite crafty items!  I could have so easily talked about my favorite adhesives or embellishments (ribbon…Copics…Stickles…), but I had to stop myself and think, “What do you use on EVERY project?”  Well, that was easy!  I use my favorite scissors on EVERY SINGLE THING I make!  So, allow me to introduce you to…

Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors

To be honest, the first time I saw these scissors, I wouldn’t touch them.  I used to work in a papercrafting store, and I avoided those scissors like the plague.  They looked awkward, and while I respect Tim Holtz, I am not one who jumps to buy everything with his name on it.  However, one day, I was working on a project, and I couldn’t find any other scissors to use, so I had no choice but to use them.  *cue the choir of angels*  I’ve been in love ever since.  These are the best scissors EVER!  They are incredibly comfortable to use, and I have large hands and big ol’ fingers.  Plus, they cut like a dream!  Truly effortless!  They have non-stick, micro serrated blades, and they are very easy to control.  They cut everything perfectly from paper to ribbon and even sticky things that normally are difficult with scissors.  They feature a moderate precision tip.  For most of my fussy cutting needs, these work just great!  However, if you do need an extremely fine tip, I do recommend Cutter Bee by EK Success.  Those have a super duper precision tip, but they are not nearly as comfy to use as my Tim Holtz Scissors. 

Here is a comparison between the tips of both scissors (Cutter Bee on the left and Tim Holtz Tonic on the right):
Every crafter needs a good cutter, good adhesives, and good scissors.  These Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors get my vote EVERY TIME.   I’ve had mine for years, and they are still sharp, clean, and comfy!  Here are some pictures of me fussy cutting a squirmy little DeNami Design Octopus:

TADAA!  Super easy!

These scissors also work so well with ribbon!


Get clean, crisp cuts every time!


These scissors retail for $12-15, which may seem like a lot for a pair of scissors, but you will NOT be disappointed.  I’ve suggested these scissors to family members, friends, and random strangers, and they unanimously report back that they LOVE them!  So, grab yourself a pair and enjoy the ease and comfort of cutting with the Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors!

I'd like to thank Amy for joining us here on Tool Talk, she's uber sweet :)
I must say, I do LOVE these scissors myself! When I first saw them I was thrown off because they have a tiny serration on one edge. I thought they'd leave my paper all jacked up. But after hearing so many good things about them I just had to try them out. I purchased mine at a big box store using one of their frequent 40% off coupons. Now I'm asking myself why I didn't try a pair sooner...LOVE them! They are also amazing at cutting the little loops off of the backs of buttons ;)    Tough, non-stick, and don't let the giant handle fool ya, because they are pretty comfortable too! They are a winner all the way around in my book and Amy's too, lol!
Thanks for joining me here on Tool Talk. If you want a refresher of the past Tool Talks they are listed under the Tutorials & Tips tab at the top of the page. Also, I still have 2 months still open if you'd like to tell us about your favorite tool!


  1. THANKS Amy!! I've had a look or two at these and they scared me as well!! Might have to go for it now ;)

  2. I had so much fun being a part of your blog! THANK YOU!!!