Monday, August 12, 2013

Wait, what kind of post is this????

If you're looking for my DeNami blog hop post, it's just one down...Thanks!

Hi everyone and welcome to another fun Tool Talk!! Are you ready to meet this months special guest?? Drum roll......TA-DA, it's ME!!! I have had so many fun and inspirational gals sign up to do a Tool Talk that I haven't been able to do one since January!! I feel so honored that these gals have all taken the time to guest post here on the Addict just amazes me how sweet the crafting community really is!

Enough with all that gushy stuff...let's get to business shall we??

What I want to talk about today kind of serves as a "Tips & Tricks" post too...y'all are gettin a two for one special today, lol!
I got the idea for this post because I recently had to replace one of my beloved crafty tools. Well, I needed to replace it months and months ago, but never could find anything comparable at the big box stores. And honestly, I hadn't ordered anything from the company my fave little tool came from in AGES. I was trying to be a good girl and stay away from them for my wallets sake, they have loads of yummy goodness I'd want ;) hehehe!

The item I'm talking about is my Stampin Scrub from Stampin Up!. I love everything about it; the removable/washable pads, the size...sigh, it's just perfect. The ones in the stores are just too small, I like me some elbow room ;) and the pads just aren't as dense and nice!!

Just look how worn out this thing is!! I've had it (and use it almost daily) for about 6 / 7 years now. The hinge is still perfect and while yes, it's still useable, even if it's getting a little thread bare in the center, I thought that it just needed to be retired to the big stamp shop in the sky....sigh. It's been a good friend and has been by my side through all of my crafty adventures, good and bad...sniffle sniffle.  However, the new Stampin Scrub is everything I dreamed of and more! ;) Not sure if it's because I was just used to my old worn out one, but I think the pads are even denser than before for even better cleaning! The pads on the new scrubber pop out just like the old ones did so when there's just too much cleaner and ink you can simply wash them with a little dish soap and pop them back in. I do that about every 6 months or so...not too often.

You see that stamp...yup, one of my favorites, right? Think about how often you've seen me using it and look at how pretty and clean it still is....Mmmhmmm, right about now you're thinking it's looking pretty darn nice aren't you? I just use a spray cleaner I get from the big box stores and my Stampin' Scrub pad. It has two for wet and one for dry. I simply spritz one side, wipe my stamp clean then wipe it on the other side to dry it...that's all there is to it.

As you can see from my first photo, I also use wet wipes, but that's mostly for my fingers, removing ink from a clear block before stamping my image, to wipe off my Stamp-a-ma-jig or something small like that. Now the StazOn cleaner, that  is great to have around too for several different purposes. Yes, of course when you use StazOn ink, we all know how hard that stuff is to clean off our stamps. But did you know that it can clean your stained Stamp-a-ma-jig sheet,  stained clear blocks and lessen the stains on your clear stamps too? I don't recommend using the StazOn cleaner all the time because it's a bit harsh, but every so often when I notice a stamp or block is looking particularly bad or if an image left a "shaddow" of itself on my Stamp-a-ma-jig sheet I'll pull it out for a good "spring" cleaning.

Pretty hard to take pictures of clear things but my Stamp-a-ma-jig has a slight discoloration to's  like an overall discoloration that old plastic gets, ya know what I mean?  It's not stained with prior stamped images thanks to the StazOn cleaner. It's actually clearer than the picture shows. Now bear in mind, I bought this at the same time as my old Stampin Scrub, 6 or 7 years's pretty darn good looking for the torture it's been put through. I can see through it and line my stamps up perfectly without any troubles at all.

Well there you have it...know you know my stamp cleaning secrets ;)  hehehe! Hope you enjoyed this months Tool Talk!


  1. I've had my scrubber for about two years now and it leaves little black fibers on every stamp I clean...sigh

    1. Ohhh wow, I think it may be defective! Have you talked to your SU! gal? My old one and my new one has never done odd :/

  2. I clean my stamps with a folded damp paper towel ~ it works very well as long I stay away from pigment inks, which is always.

  3. Tina, I just adore you! Your energy when you write is infectious and adorable! I love your tips! I have to admit I do own some liquid stamp cleaners (Staz-On is a must!), but my regular every day cleaner? I use the Kroger Value brand Baby Wipes. They cost less than $3 for a huge tub, and they work like a dream! They are thin like a wet nap in a restaurant, but they are gentle and don't dry out my stamps (as I have been told some baby wipes do). Also, I only use tiny bits at a time (I just tear off little pieces of a wipe as needed) so each tub lasts a loooooong time! I definitely think that you get EXCELLENT quality when you purchase actual stamp cleaners from local stamp stores or Stampin' Up, but for a girl on a budget, nothing beats my Kroger wipes!

  4. Gotta LOVE a new stamp scrubber :)