Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm going to the chapel and I'm gonna get married...

I litterly DID go to the chapel to get married...The Little White Chapel in Vegas to be exact, lol!! Hubby and I are pretty easy going for the most part, but when you have a mother trying to run things and 2 sisters saying they should be the Maid of Honor, well, sometimes it's easier to just run a way....  ;)
What you're about to read comes as no surprise to me, it's how my life usually goes....
My son's fiance' sends me a text saying that her older sister is getting married in October and her mom wants to know if I could make shower invitations. I grudgingly reply "yes", and that I'd do them for material costs as a favor since we are practically family. I then ask all the pertinent questions concerning colors, theme, what exactly are they looking for. All I get is "her colors are peacock". (insert me shaking my head here)...sigh. I take a deep breath and suck it up and start thinking - okay, purples, blues, lime green and maybe a little charcoal or black to make it all pop. I can do do this, I got this...not a problem, I tell myself. I ask again if they have any ideas on what they'd like; cute, elegant, formal, trendy, fun...when really, all I want to do at this point is shout - "give me a freaking clue!!", lol! S. I. G. H!!!! They had no clue what they wanted and time is ticking away!
So, I made up a few sample shower cards and met up for lunch with my soon to be DIL and her Mom - nope, the bride to be wasn't even there, what the heck??!!??


I thought I had a good mix and even threw in a peacock feathered creation. Unfortunately they were all shot down. The Mom didn't like any of them...sigh. I told her once again that I had to have some idea on where to start as the possibilities were endless, I HAD to have some sort of idea on what they wanted besides colors. Well, that was a few weeks ago and I just sat the whole thing aside, I wasn't going to waste my time trying to come up with anything else
Then about a week ago I get a text from my soon to be DIL asking if I knew how to emboss. I replied heat & dry, I could do both. Lol, her response "???"! So I scoured the blog for an example of each, screen captured them, cropped the pic so only the card was showing, then texted them to her. Why do I go through all the work...uggg! She passed them alon to her mom. Insert crickets....didn't hear anything for almost another week. Then this past Friday I receive a text & pic from the Mom with a picture she got from the Michael's web site asking if I could make this card...
sample from Michael's website

I told her that I didn't own the stamps they used, I had the feather that I had shown to her previously and that I didn't have anything like the stamp they used for the background. I also told her that punching holes in the strip for the brads was a waste of time, I'd just add rhinestones instead. I whipped up a sample and texted her a pic...she LOVED it!

 Well, here's my version.....
I used an old Stampin' Up "lace" background and the large feather from the DeNami Peacock Feather set. Honestly, this does not look like a wedding shower card to me, but hey, if they like it, than that's all that counts because I finally have a design to work with!!
 I figure out the total cost (materials only - in paper, ink, adhesive, stamp cleaner, etc.) for 30 cards would be and text the mom to let her know and see if she still wants to do it. She asks if I have the supplies and I tell here that no, I don't have that much card stock, I would need a pack of black, white and need 18 sheets of open stock blue nor do I have enough embossing powder and would probably need to pick up a refill for my adhesive tool also. She says okay, how about if I give you half the money now? (insert blank stare here) -.- Seriously???? I'm doing her a favor, she needs them right away and she wants me to put up my own money to make the cards??? I'm feeling pretty darn insulted at that point and wouldn't be surprised if I had steam comming out of my ears! In my mind I'm running scenarios like...what, she thinks I'm going to steal her $60 and leave the country -or- does she think that I'm lying, that it shouldn't cost $2  a card and I'll never see the other half?? Anyone have any good ideas on how to slit your own wrists???? Sigh....   Again, I have no choice really, so I say yeah, that's fine. We discussed that I'd have them done over the weekend. My soon to be DIL gets wind of it and texts me that she will cover the other half, that it isn't right. I don't want her involved or to get into hot water with her mom so I tell her that no, I won't take her money. God love her, she put up a good fight, but me being the Mom-in-Law told her that I would kick her butt and she needed to respect my authority, lol! So on Saturday morning I went to Michael's for the supplies I needed. Got home and started working...Saturday passed then Sunday passed and no word from the Mom yet, I'm waiting for the 1/2 down she promised me. Late Monday morning I had them finished and texted the Mom letting her know they were ready. Her reply... "wow, that was fast". Fast?? She know I'd have them done on Monday...sigh. Insert crickets chirping again...I haven't heard another word from her...sigh!!! I seriously need a margarita (or 2 or 3)!!!
I'm calling my soon to be DIL today and telling her to come pick the cards up. I'm finished with the whole thing. Chalk it up to a $60 life lesson learned and just let the whole thing go. Sometimes I hate the fact that I'm a nice person when really I wish I was a bitch....just sayin.



  1. Well that was some interesting reading :-) Seriously, I'd be really frustrated too. I think you did a great job interpreting the photo the mom sent you. But these don't sound like the people who will be right on top of their thank you notes after the shower and wedding.

  2. Whew!!! I have a neighbor who has asked for cards in the past and not paid up. No upon delivery. I let her know it's done, when I'll drop it off and how much it is!!! Myself, like you, am nice and don't want to step on toes. But heck I'm tired of mine being stepped on ;)

  3. Wow! A very long interesting post! Yes, been there done that about being nice and not getting paid. I scrapbooked baby pics for my husband's co-worker and never got paid...sigh. I think we've all been through it one way or another. But, I give you tons of credit and you are showing your future daughter-in-law what a sweetheart you are. And, that in itself speaks volumes!:-)

  4. Oh ... my ... gosh! How rude! Especially since this lady is going to be 'family'! You think she would have gotten the money to you right away so you could purchase the supplies to get started! People just don't understand all the time and work that goes into card making and scrap booking :( You are such a trooper and have more patience than I do ... bless your heart!!!

  5. Non-crafters will never understand the amount of effort and time and actual cost of supplies that go into ANY project, much less one like that. I am amazed you didn't blow off steam and lose your cool Tina. Seriously. But your samples are ALL gorgeous and the final outcome is very pretty!