Friday, May 23, 2014

Tips & Tricks - Mixing and matching your images

Wow, where has the time gone...when was the last time I made a little "Tips & Tricks" post? I've been sooooo busy and seem to have been struggling a lot lately with keeping up. Hopefully y'all haven't noticed my little glitches too much :/    all of you gals are so amazing and you have no idea how much I appreciate you visiting with me and the comments that you leave...all of you seriously ROCK!

Hi everyone! Thought I'd talk about just one of the many things I love about DeNami...that I can mix and match just about all of their images from old to new. I touched on this subject during another Tips & Tricks post last September and even made a little video, but I thought I'd revisit this and show you just how easily this mixing and matching can be accomplished! :)

When I first received my Solid Rose Accents stamp set I was's sooo pretty!! As soon as I inked it up I knew just how to showcase it.....
 The decorative flourish came out quite some time ago, but look how great it pairs with the newer ornate flourish and solid rose accents.

 I could have also very easily added the following stamps...they all mix and match so perfectly!

classic leaves stamp set
elegant floral sprig


mini swirl flourish

 These are just a small handful that I thought of off the top of my head, there are many many more - so dig through your collection, I'm betting you have a lot of images that you can mix, match and bring a whole new life to!!

To make this a little fun and to prove just how easy this is, you leave me a comment naming any newer image and I will make a card using it, along with some older images...whatcha think, sound fun??


  1. I too have been struggling keeping up Tina. lol I feel as though I am losing the battle. Spring/Summer always gets this way. I love the tips and tricks. A cool thing to do. Your stamps are fabulous and I love how well they work together! Hugs, Brenda

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