Friday, October 3, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hi everyone! Sorry for such a late post today and no post at all on Wednesday. I'm feeling a bit under the weather and need just a little time off. I have a post for you on Monday as we are starting a new challenge on at The Shabby Tea Room, but then rest of the week I'll be hiding out. As all of you know, well, maybe just as a lot of you know, lol, I've been dealing with bad muscle spasms for about 3 years now. About 6/8 months ago I started being woken in the middle of the night with my entire mid section being squeezed and in horrible pain. It's gotten a little worse with each attack and on Monday I had actually passed out and wasn't breathing correctly so I was rushed to the ER where it was found that these attacks are from my Gallbladder. Who'da thunk that??? I would have thought a gallbladder attack would be some pain on my right side, not full body horrific pain! I still remember the pain from giving birth to a 10 pound baby boy with no drugs...this pain is worse, trust me ;) it's nothing to play with! They wanted to do surgery immediately but I've put them off till Monday...too many things to do before I can be down for the count! I'd appreciate prayers even though this is a simple surgery. I'm going to miss y'all next week!! Until then how about one last Halloween card for the road??

As you can see, this is a super duper easy card and uses just one little stamp set, DeNami's Halloween Petit Four Stamp Set. I made a black tall fold A2 sized card base and stamped the web in white then made a white panel that I edged in grey ink. I stamped a bunch of webs in the corner and added the spider (hand drew a little line he's hanging from) along with the sentiment. To finish it all off I added some twine, a rhinestone and lots of glitter. Easy peasy, right? Perfect little card if you need one in a hurry :)

I'll be back here with y'all as soon as I can! You gals rock! 


  1. Okay first cute cute Halloween card!! And now about you my will most definitely be in my thought s and prayers. Take care of yourself and get well soon! We'll miss you ;)

  2. This is truly the most elegant spider card I have ever seen!

    AND I had a gall bladder attack and they sent me home with a little pain meds and 2 days later I am in the hospital. That pain was WORSE than childbirth. My heart is with you.

  3. Oh Tina, I'm so sorry to hear that you need to go under the knife! I will certainly keep you in my prayers that all goes well. Yes, the gallbladder can cause all sorts of problems. It will also feel like some are having a heart attack. These attacks as you say can be quite painful, yes, worse than giving birth and that's bad enough. lol I'm glad they got this figured out because you have suffered long enough with it. Now I just love your cute Halloween card! Too cute! Prayers & Hugs, Brenda