Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me :)

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for an important announcement...I am announcing that Wendy is the bestest person ever!! Look what I got in the mail yesterday;
Seriously, can you believe that?? There was a little sumthin else in the box that I didn't show...I think she should totally show it on the upcoming blog hop! Isn't she amazing...I feel so honored and blessed to have a friend that is so thoughtful and amazing...she's the glue to my sparkles!

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programing:   ;)

Statistics say that hubby & I should not still be together (long story - jumped into relationship too soon sorta business)...meh, what do the statistics know and just who the heck are they anyways?? Obviously they aren't that smart, cause here it is, 21 years later and he can still take my breath away! *sigh* He makes me all mushy ;) just don't let him know that or it will be used against me for sure!

Have you gals ever tried the DeNami cardstocks? If not, you ARE missing something...the colors are so rich and fab! For my hubby's anniversary card I chose their deep rich black cardstock and paired it with the wonderful shimmery aquamarine and silver die for in real life, wish I could have gotten the camera to capture it better. Here's a little different angle...
I just couldn't wait to use my new border punch...40% off coupon...WOOT for me!! It's not too feminine is it...isheesh, I hope not lol!! Ohh well, he's gettin' it anyway! ;)

Looking forward to another 21 years...although I may have had to off him by then...or maybe just lock him in the basement, he has a few uses  (don't go there Wendy...that's not what I ment ;) Someone has to open the salsa jar ya know. )!
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think....good or bad....or even better - what would you have done differently??...crafty minds wanna know!


  1. OK...first and foremost...I can not think of anyone else for who (or is that whom) I would be the glue to their sparkles! hehe (and ummm yes you totally surprised me with this little shout out....great way to start a Friday morning) Surprises ROCK! just like you my twinkie!

    Now...I think I said this before - but I do adore this card. Very elegant and shimmery (without glitter so its OWH approved!) And no its not too girly - its just right! And you must tell me who makes that border punch - its fantabulous!

    And I agree that keeping the menfolk around for certain *cough* "uses" *cough* is completely acceptable.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Gorgeous card, too! I'm sure you're having lots of fun with your new goodies!