Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Butterfiles

I was going through my posts here on the blog and came across this one that was still in a draft...I never got around to posting it and it got lost in the shuffle...I originally wrote this in April! I thought I'd go ahead and just post it right now, what the heck, right?

Whew, there's been an abundance of birthday's in my family lately. For my sister's birthday card I knew I wanted to try and incorporate everything she, butterflies and flowers. She's not really a girly girl, but has some seriously girly tendencies. Not sure what the difference is, but she tells me that there is one, lol! I wanted her card to be bright and full of fun, just like her :)

She's as smitten with DeNami's new butterflies as I am and she's not even a stamper!! For the coloring (blues) I used generic colored pencils and a little mineral spirits. I used a Tombow marker for the green


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I love the blues (in colors, not music) and the mixture of stamps you used are spot on. I'm sure your sister will cherish this card for a long, long time. :)

  2. Tina! This is beautiful!!! And I do love the blues (in color and music!). I love butterflies and this is just so cute and elegant!

  3. As someone whose favorite colors are green and blue, this card definitely does NOT give me the "blues." It makes me very, very happy indeed!