Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 minutes of flamingo fun

My gosh, I'm having one heck of a time getting in sync with Bloggers new interface! It's driving me insane :(  I want my old one back (insert hands on hips and stomping of one foot)! Glad I'm not alone in this made me feel soooo much better the other day reading your sweet comments! Thank you!!
I wanted to pop in today with a special little post. Have you heard of the wonderful little challenge our very own sweet Paulina and her friend have created for her blog? She calls it the 10 minute craft dash, but I loving refer to it as 10 minutes of panic (hehehe). Had I not made a few, I would have NEVER believed it could be done...but yes, you CAN create a lovely little card in 10 minutes! Now, if only I cold apply this in other areas of my life....
My creations for this challenge have thus so far been fairly CAS. This time around I wanted to try for something a little more fussy and "my style". As usual, I came up with a plan / doodled drawing of what I wanted. I made sure to pull out all of my supplies (unlike last time :S) so they would be handy. My cardstock wasn't precut with the exception to the dry embossed piece of pink. It was cut a little larger than what you see here and already embossed but not edge punched yet (left over in my scrap pile). I had a plain sheet of pink out also...just wasn't sure which I was going to like better.  In my first picture my clouds almost have a little bluish tint, however, I stamped them in white ink then using my Quickie Glue pen, added X-fine iridescent glitter. I also wanted to add a button with a little twine knot but spent so much time fussing with my bow  I knew I wouldn't have time to thread the twine, tie it and attach the whole thing properly. Now that the challenge is complete I'm going to go back and add my little yellow button. I will say that I did panic just a little and am REALLY surprised at my coloring job cause boy did I just throw that color on, lol!

My ending time: 9 minutes 15 seconds (Whew, that was pretty close!). I'm pretty dang proud of myself :)

Can you EVER go wrong with a flamingo!?!?!?!

Did you get a chance to watch the haul video from yesterday? It's so fun seeing what DeNami stamps ya'll have bought. We'd love to see you link up your collection! Well that's it for me today...Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya back here tomorrow with a little project that I've done!


  1. That is a cute card and I could not have done that in less than ten... great job!

  2. Oh my goodness, how in the world did you create this whole cute little scene in less than 10 minutes?! You are so quick!

    Thank you for joining in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, Tina! :)

    1. It really wasn't that hard to create. I had all my stamps open and already mounted and my inks were opened. ...that saved a TON of time right there. Also, for the grass I started with my lightest ink so that I didn't have to clean the stamp when I switched colors. I still can't believe I colored in the lines as fast as I was going, lol!