Monday, October 22, 2012

Waterfall card tutorial

Hi everyone! Today is a big day, I have a waterfall card tutorial for you as promised! :)  Now I know this looks a little intimidating, but it's not really. After you get a couple under your belt you'll realize just how easily they can be put together. These little cards are very easy for mass producing too. 

*blogger note - sorry, my tutorial does not look anywhere near as good as Paulina's always does that girl make everything look so perfect...sigh!!

Are you we go!
Step #1 – supplies needed
DeNami items used:
lime, sky blue & white cardstock
CL-F216 Happy Birthday Script (Cling), CL-CB001 Birthday Celebration 1 Set (Cling), A93 Teeny Swiss Dot, N133 Polka Dot Background, E106 Small Happy Birthday stamps
baby blue ribbon (4” piece)

Other items used:
navy cardstock, 3 brads, hole punch, ruler, pencil, bone folder, ATG, paper trimmer, Tombow & Copic Sketch markers

Step #2 – cutting cardstock
   1 piece each
                       navy 4 ½” X 5 ½”
                       lime  4” X 5 ¼”
                       sky blue 1” X 4”
                       navy 2” X 9 ½”
                       white 1 7/8” X 4 ½”
   4 pieces each
                      sky blue 2” X 2” 
                          white 1 7/8” X 1 7/8”

Step #3: - stamping
Stamp / decorate the following panels as desired:
                       lime  4” X 5 ¼”
                       sky blue 1” X 4”
                      navy 2” X 9 ½”
                      white 1 7/8” X 4 ½”
                      white 1 7/8” X 1 7/8”
Note – when stamping the 1 7/8” X 4 1/2” panel, make sure to stamp your sentiment near the top so that it stays hidden until the card is fully opened.

Step #4 – scoring
Using the 2” X 9 ½” strip, score lines at 2”,  2 ¾”,  3 ½”  & 4 ¼”.

Step #5 – attaching panels
Punch holes in either end of the 1” X 4” strip, centered and approximately ½” in from the edge. Dry fit strip onto the 4” X 5 ¼” panel. The bottom edge of the strip should be approximately ¾” up from the bottom edge of the panel. Mark and punch holes.  Attach the two pieces with 2 of the brads. Attach this panel to the larger 4 ½” X 5 ½” panel.

Step #6 – make “waterfall”
Attach the 1 7/8” squares to the 2” squares and set aside. Using the 2” X 9 ½” strip, fold it over at the 4 ¼” score line (mountain side showing) and apply adhesive as shown in the picture being careful to not get adhesive on the score lines.

Step #7 – attach “waterfall”
Attach the 2” squares just under the score lines in the order you want them to show starting with the bottom one first.

Step #8 – attach “waterfall”
Open the strip and attach the white 1 7/8” X 1 7/8” to the large non scored area as shown. Punch hole in strip and ribbon, attach with brad.

Step #9 – finishing the card
Slip the bottom part of the 2” X 9 ½” strip under the 1” X 4”  strip on the panel and adjust it so the bottom edge lines up with the bottom edge of the 4” X 5 ¼” panel. When it’s where you want it, apply adhesive to the top edge of the 1” X 4” strip as shown in the picture and fold the scored part of the 2” X 9 ½” strip over so that the top edge attaches to the 1” X 4” strip.

The finished card...,

*you may have to open and close your card a few times to loosen it up depending on how thick your cardstock is*

I hope you  enjoyed my tutorial and I have my fingers crossed that I explained everything thoroughly and you understand everything, if not, just drop me an e-mail and I'll be more than happy to help you out!


  1. Great job on your tutorial! And a very sweet card!

  2. How cool! It doesn't look very hard now that you have shown how to do it! Great tutorial, Tina!!

  3. This tutorial is so awesome! I've always admired waterfall cards, but have been way too intimidated to try one. For now, I'll keep these cute cards to you-- however, if I ever decide to give it a try, I'll DEFINITELY be referring to this tutorial!