Thursday, December 20, 2012

Classic Christmas...

I wasn't to sure how this card was going to turn out as I was trying to come up with a new layout. But in the end, it makes me smile, and we all know that that's what counts. It's very rare that I make a card on the fly without any forethought and comes out so perfect in my eyes. Hope you like it too :)
So whatcha think? I just had to have me some polka dots, lol. I started out by pulling out the green and lime cardstocks then realized I needed a 3rd neutral color and decided on kraft...kraft goes with everything! I just love that medium pine image. I purchased it last year along with the 3 stamps that you can lay over the top (this swirl line, stars and a mix of the stars and swirl). It's simply a beautiful little stamp.
PS: the medium tree swirl and medium star tree are on clearance....just sayin' ;)
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  1. How is it I never knew you could overlay the medium tree swirl on the medium pine? I have had the medium pine for years and I have never seen that done. Awesome!

  2. I purchased the tree and 3 overlays last year and Paulina made a video showcasing the tree with the swirl (beautiful card)

    Here are the links to the 3 overlays that go with this little tree :)