Monday, February 11, 2013

The Project Corner - Valentines Day

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Hi everyone and welcome to The Project Corner. I'm a few days early with this post, but Valentines Day  creeped up on me pretty quickly and I really wanted you to see the cute kid friendly projects I came up with. I know that many of you have little ones at home and are always trying to find little projects for them. So today I have two cute and easy little Valentines Day projects for the kiddo's to make (with a little help of course).

This first one is super super easy....

I simply stamped the large butterfly and fussy cut it out. After it was colored (unfortunately I didn't have a kiddo handy to do this) I punched 2 holes and using a pipe cleaner, attached it to the sucker. I brought the pipe cleaner up and twisted it around the "head" of the butterfly and formed her little antenas. To finish it off just add some googly eyes and well-ah...a pretty little Valentine Butterfly perfect for Grandma, Daddy or even a teacher. *note: after your child colors the butterfly, have him/her write a message on the back.

This second project is a little bit more involved, but with a little help or if you have an older child, I think it can be managed perfectly. I actually made this for my hubby for our 22nd anniversary last fall but it can EASILY be made with a Valentine in mind. We are way cheesy and enjoy quirky little things like this....

Stamps Used:
Teeny Swiss Dot
Teeny Heart
Teeny Heart Background
Small Heart outline
Meduim Brushed Heart
Solid Heart Outline

I simply took two pieces of cardboard (one 8 1/2 X 11 and the other slightly larger - 9 X 11 1/2) and covered them with black cardstock (wrapping it around the edge and then placing a piece over it on the back side to cover the edges). I then stamped my panels (made slightly smaller than the 8 1/2 X 11 panel) and adhered them to the front cover (the smaller piece). As you can see, I simply found some fun images via Google and using the Word program on my computer made a fun and cheesy "story", but how fun would it be to fill your book with some drawings or coloring pages by your little one? *tip - go to google, click the images tab and then type in "coloring pages + Valentine" and it will give you loads of fun coloring book pages to print off for a fun afternoon of coloring enjoyment ;)* To finish it all off I simply punched some holes and bound my book using random twine & ribbons. I had such fun making this project and hubby LOVED it. This would even be a fun project for just about any theme...birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day....

Here's a few cute images to get you started (click on them to enlarge then right click and choose "save picture as". Now you can go into your pictures file and simply print it to the size you choose.)

Well that's it for me today.  I hope I've inspired you to start a project with your little ones.  :)


  1. Very cute projects :o) I think that my third-graders would especially enjoy making the butterfly for their parents!

  2. The lollipop butterflies are the perfect Valentine for a child's classmates. I love the that you put eyes on them!

  3. Tina, I just ADORE those little tootsie pop butterflies! I had to post this on my mom's facebook page because she is always coming up with fun ideas for when she babysits my nieces and nephew, and these would be PERFECT!