Friday, March 8, 2013

Lucky Horseshoes

I was playing around with my stamps and was struck with a fun idea. I wanted to make a lucky horseshoe card, however, I can't draw AT ALL so how the heck was I going to pull that off? After a little thinking I cam up with a VERY easy solution!  DUH...Google Images! Now I didn't want realistic horseshoes, I wanted something I could stamp, so I typed in "horseshoe + color book" and there you have it, tons of pictures to choose from. I chose a simple image and saved it to my computer in the my pictures file and then printed it off onto cardstock in the size I wanted. A little fussy cutting later and this is what I have....
Now, I really like this, but at the same time thought that maybe it was a tad "busy". With that in mind, I reprinted my image onto DeNami's charcoal cardstock and came up with this....

That's it for me today. Be sure to stop by the DeNami blog Sunday to start off the Birthday Bonanza blog hop! I'll be here with not 1, but 2 cards to celebrate! Hey, it's a bonanza after all! ;)

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