Friday, April 19, 2013

Better late than never, right???

Hi everyone! Well, have I got a story for you! Hmm, instead of the long drawn out version, I'll condense it a bit....My mom was in the hospital (she's fine, just a knee replacement) and I was running back and forth from work / home and hospital for a week. During all of this I managed to find time to film a little 10 minute craft dash video. Then when she got out I've was staying at my Mom's taking care of her while she's been laid up and not spending much time at home or work. In the mean time, I managed to loose the little camera card!!! I was so upset...I had pictures of the card plus another card I'd made and the video...poof, all gone. 

Of course, now that the challenge is over...I found the camera card. It was in my wallet. Why did I put it in there, what was I thinking; It's not like my mom has Internet or even a computer for that matter! I've been a mess these past couple of weeks, sigh! Well, I decided to not let all this go to waste, even though I can't enter my cards, I thought I could still share them and the video with all of you.

This is actually the 2nd card I made. I took a collection of stamping goodness with me to my Mom's house to keep me busy so I don't have a picture of the card with my phone to show the time. :(
However, this card took a total of 9 minutes, 22 seconds....not bad, right??? The patterned papers really help!

Here's my first card card along with the video I made...enjoy :)

(Since this video is late the date for Paulina's Blogging 101 posts are wrong...sorry!)
9 minutes 28 seconds!!

That's it for me today, I hope you try the 10 minute Craft Dash over at Pretty Pink Posh (Paulina just announced the latest one yesterday!) sometime, it really is a fun challenge even if I panic a bit, lol.

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