Friday, May 31, 2013

Tool Talk - May 2013

Hello everyone! Are you ready for a new Tool Talk? I know I am and I'm LOVING todays tool, It's one that I certainly CAN NOT live without! Today we have a super talented and sweet gal joining us. She's know to most of us through the DeNami blog....Design Team Member, Wendy Elliot!! I'm so thankful for all of the gals that have helped make Tool Talk so much fun. I've decided to open up this fun and informative little segment to give more people and oppertunity to talk about some of their favorite crafty items, so if you'd like to feature your favorite tool right here on the Addict blog just send me an email to DenamiAddict @
Hi, It’s Wendy from “Created byWendy”.  I’m so excited Tina asked me to share my favorite crafting tool with you.  I knew right away what I wanted to tell you about.  It’s nothing you can actually see on a finished project, but I promise it sure holds it all together nicely!  I’m going to share a few of the reasons I love my Scotch ATG Tape Dispenser . (it's out of stock, but just drop Paulina am e-mail and she will be sure to get you one right away!!)
Reasons why I love my ATG: 
  1. My projects do NOT fall apart. The adhesive is amazing!
  2. I don’t have to refill the tape very often.
  3. I can use the adhesive for everything!  The ONLY other adhesive I use is foam tape.
  4. Available in Acid free to use on photos or scrapbooking.
  5. Holds on embellishments, bows, etc. Roll adhesive into a “glue dot”.
  6. Once you invest in the gun the refills are very affordable.
  7. Not messy. You can roll/wipe off the adhesive if you are messy with it.
  8. Tape goes exactly where you want it.
  9. Repositionable – as long as you are quick.  May need to “huff” on the cardstock if its stuck too good.
1.   Dispenser is a bit expensive.  $35-$75.
      2. It’s bulky. (I can’t loose it on my craft table this way!)
      3.A bit tricky to reload, but once you figure it out it’s EASY.
I used the tape to create a glitter strip. 

 Rolls directly onto flat embellishments like this button. 
Or roll adhesive up to make a glue dot to attach ribbon, twine or other bulky embellishments.

Wendy had LOTS of good ways to use her ATG. I have to admit that it took a little getting used to the size and weight, but after about a week I was using it like a pro and it felt like an old friend! This is one tool that you'd have to pry from my cold dead hands to get it from me. ;) 
There is one little tid-bit I'd like to add to Wendy's "pro" list. Sometimes I goof up and apply my ATG to the wrong side of my cardstock or just simply change my mind on adhering a piece of cardstock. That doesn't mean you have to throw it away...all you do is rub your finger on it and it rolls right off the paper! Also, the refills are fairly inexpensive and the tape lasts FOREVER. When you make the quantity of cards that I make, that's certainly a great point!! You can buy these tape runners at your local big box store, however, it will be the narrower version. I have both guns and tend to reach for this wider (commercial version) version 99% of the time. While you only get one refill for the price with the wider version, the tape is actually equal to the footage of the two narrow tapes that come in the refill for the narrow version.
I hope you've enjoyed this months Tool Talk and don't forget, if your interested in writing about your favorite tool or brand of crafting product, just send me an e-mail or leave me a comment. I hope you take the time and visit Wendy's blog....she's uber talented and is always posting some yummy eye candy!


  1. I still haven't purchased this yet but I need to! When I was at the DeNami booth this Spring, I overheard these ladies say something like, "Wait here, she's going to load our guns." And Nami loaded their guns ~ their ATGs. I don't know why they called them guns but it was funny. I am glad you are doing these posts!

  2. I love love love my gun too! Awesome post!