Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A wonderful Dad....

Hi everyone and welcome to Father's Day week!! I have four "guy friendly" cards to share and hopefully give you some ideas on creating a wonderful card for your own father or father-in-law!
There are 2 times a year that I dread, one of them is Fathers Day. I was and still like to think of myself as Daddy's little girl. I was spoiled rotten and had the most wonderful father a little girl could ever wish for. People that haven't lost a parent ask if you ever truly get over the loss? I tell them that no, here 10 years later I'm still not over it. I accept it and have moved on, but will tear up quick when a strong memory is triggered. I am lucky enough to have a great Father-In-Law that always has a smile on his face and is very kind. My son was lucky enough to grow up with both of these men in his life. So, all that being said, this week of cards is a little bitter-sweet for me. I enjoyed making the Father's day cards and yes, had a few tears in doing so, but also a lot of smiles and wonderful memories flooded my mind and warmed my soul. How'd I get so lucky in this life of mine???
On with the post!!  Today I have once again pulled out patterned paper *gasp*! Did you notice the touches of pink...Yup, it's manly and has pink! I had to add some girlyness somewhere, it's hard making a card that's all "guy friendly", jeeze! ;)
In May Paper Sweeties released a new set of stamps and I knew I just HAD to have them. The sentiment is perfect for all occasions. It includes the "you are the most wonderful" then tons of names to add to make the sentiment what you want...host, friend, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister. I just LOVE it and like I said, HAD to have it!! Kinda like the little frame I stamped it in. I am just gaga over the two new frames from DeNami!! They are perfect for so many things!! I've stamped both sentiments and images inside of the frames and both are very easy to fussy cut as I've done here. Today I left the frame uncolored, but most of the time I color in the little border to really make the frame pop. I think both frames are a top five "must have" for any DeNami collection ;)
Here's a link to the frames:

This little card couldn't have been easier to put together. I used a little lime and chocolate DeNami cardstock (insert tears and sniffling here because they are discontinuing their cardstock line) along with 2 coordinating patterned papers. I used only 2 stamps, the oval frame and the sentiment. This layout is easy peasy and perfect for any man, just change out the sentiment for a Happy Birthday or congrats on your graduation, this little card is very versatile!!
That's it for me today, I'll be back here tomorrow with another Father's day card. If your Dad or F-I-L is a big coffee drinker like my F-I-L is, you'll like tomorrows card for sure!!

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  1. I really love the elegant frames as well and I agree they are a DeNami must have. I am close to my dad too so I understand that you must miss your dad terribly. He would have loved your cards.