Friday, October 31, 2014

darling little mummy doggy

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Are you ready for a night filled with little ghosties, goblins and lots of Elsa, lol?? I sure am! I'm going to my SIL's house this year to trick or treat with my little 2yr old niece and nephew (twins) and can not wait!! Even Moe will be going this year, he's going to be a pumpkin. It's not easy finding a costume for him since he's a big guy weighing in at 100lbs. Mostly all you find clothing for is little yappy sized doggies but one of the big boxed pet stores had a pumpkin in a 2X..woo-hoo!! Last year he had bronchitis and had to stay home and we were worried about his leg being a factor for this year. However, last week we had a final x-ray and the Vet said everything was looking great that the bone was growing over the metal plates and that we needed to start to rebuild the muscle mass by walking a little. What perfect timing!! Miss Lucy and Mr. Henry are uber excited to see Moe and to get to trick or treat with him. Miss Lucy lovingly refers to him as "my Moe" when she talks about him, lol...she's adorable! We went to the pumpkin patch with them this past weekend as she said to her mommy "is my Moe going to pick a pumpkin too"? She's so sweet!! 

Today I just so happen to have a little Halloween puppy to accident I swear, I wasn't going to talk about Moe, lol, it just happened!! This is from the same Copics coloring class featuring Whimsy stamps as the little kitty I showed you on Wednesday.

Again I kept the layout super simple so that the image took front and center place. I wish you could see him in person, the detailed shading just doesn't show up good in the picture. He's my fave out of the 3 cards I made for the class.

BLOGGER NOTE: How about a few Halloween shots of "little" Moe ;) that I took this morning?

Well I'm off, calling it a short day here at work and going to visit the cutest little Mickey & Minney I've ever seen ;) Too bad I couldn't find a Pluto costume for Moe, he's already the right color, perfect would that have been?? Hmmm, maybe it's not too late to figure out how to make black ears and a black tail from felt? Jeeze, why didn't I think of this a long time ago!?!?!?

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