Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Baptism

This past weekend I attended the baptism of my new niece and nephew. As a card maker it was the perfect excuse to get all inky! ;)  However, when I sat down to play, mojo was no where to be found...she much have went to the mall or something. I looked through my past cards and sketches and just couldn't form an idea. By 10pm Saturday night I was in a little bit of a panic for sure...I just couldn't bring myself to run to Walgreens and grab a Hallmark...eeek! For the life of me I just couldn't come up with anything. I finally made this little gift set up and decided it was just going to have to do even though it reminds me more of a wedding than a baptism. The whole baptism theme really threw me!

Since the babies are one boy and one girl, I had to choose neutral colors vs. pink or blue. I was kinda leaning towards kraft and creams, but the Kraft bags I had on hand weren't big enough for the photo frames I purchased and I had to use the white ones I had...there went my color scheme. I finally decided on some classic colors and chose some elegant stamps that I LOVE with this palette. I've recently been dry embossing quite a bit and it really adds to the prettiness of this little card.

Most of ya'll probably don't know, but I used to bead quite a bit before corporal tunnel and arthritis reared their ugly heads, I just can't seem to hold onto those tiny beads anymore. I do love to break out my bead goodies for special occasions and special orders though and just had to make a rosary for each of the babies.
That's it for me today, thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Oh wow, good work on making the rosaries! I think a monochrome white or cream would have worked too but I like the contrast of black and white. It is perfect for a boy and a girl, just like at a wedding, as you were saying!!!