Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012 - Tips & Tricks

You gals are just too awesome! I got an overwhelming response to my blog hop card...seems like ya'll really liked it and would like to make one of your own. I 'm going to work on a little tutorial on making one as soon as I get a chance! :)   Don't forget to hop along and leave those comments for a chance to win a DeNami gift certificate!!

Hello everyone! :) For today's Tips & Tricks post. I want to show you how I used one easy to use sketch for 4 seperate themed cards. I'm calling it my "sketch for all seasons", lol! You'll see why in just a second ;)
I've heard from several people that they don't really like sketches, that they aren't quite sure what to do with them. Sketch designs aren't set in stone, think of them more as guidelines. If a sketch has a strip, a circle and square on it, then as long as your card has all 3 of those elements, no matter where you place them on your card, it's following the sketch.

This happens to be the sketch that is currently running as the challenge right here on DeNami Addict.
If you take a close look, there are only 3 parts to it. 2 narrow strips and one wide strip. As you can see from my sample cards that I made for this challenge I really changed it up. All 3 elements are still there, just in different orders, sizes and layers. Play with sketches, put your own spin on them...I think you just may come to love having them in your card making arsenal!
I want to show you how having one sketch that you're comfortable with can easily be made into any type card you may need. I made a little card for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter using this sketch. I didn't change anything on the sketch, these cards are laid out just as the drawing...

That's it for me today, I hope I've made you look at sketches in a whole new light. Find one you like and play with it...challenge yourself. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have never really used sketches until I tried out these challenges and I really like them. It has added a new dimension to my card making. Your cards for the four seasons are really cute!

  2. 4 Seasons worth of DeNami prettiness! You've outdone yourself with all of these samples. I've gotta get time for this challenge too!