Thursday, October 18, 2012

A happy birthday in 10 minutes

Good morning everyone! :)  I just wanted to pop in real quick because I've created a little something for Paulina's 10 minute Craft Dash challenge.  I just LOVE this's so fun! I'm amazed at my creations every time I make one...I can't believe I can do it in under 10 minutes.

Here's my before and after desk shots...

This little challenge allows me to be OCD side cringes, but allows this one discretion, lol. I ended up doing some dry embossing. If my Cuttlebug hadn't been sitting in the floor right next to me from already cutting out those fun swirly thingies, I'd have never made it under the time...whew! I originally attached my bow with Crystal Lacquer, but I started running out of time so I couldn't wait for it to dry. I pulled out some glue dots and stuck one under the bow and used one to attach the rose too. I stamped the little scroll for my sentiment and realized that there was just no time for fussy cutting and trying to fit my sentiment into it so I opted for a cute little flag banner instead. Gotta say though, I'm really feeling that little banner...loving how it hangs over the edge balancing the ribbon that's hanging over too.

Here's my finished card - total time: 9 minutes 52 seconds

I just love how this turned out. Think I'll make a few more in different colors. They'll make a nice little set of cards to give as a gift.

I have to run...thanks for stopping by!!


  1. oh, WOW! This is beautiful! You rocked those great colors, and the sentiment flag, sporting some ever-so-classy DeNami script, looks awesome!

  2. LOVE. Yes, I surely do love this one. The embossed background, the pretty swirls, that awesome ribbon detail- it all works beautifully on this card, Tina!

    Thank you for playing along in the 10 Minute Craft Dash- I was so happy to see you on the list. :)

    Also, I agree, this would make a beautiful card set!!

  3. Oh wow, this is just gorgeous! All of the elements work together well and I love the colors most of all!

  4. FAB-ulous card! Love what you were able to accomplish in under 10. Your after shot is WAY cleaner than my desk in currently... maybe I will organize tomorrow. I must give these colors a try.