Monday, July 8, 2013

Take it on the chin and keep going...never give up on YOU!

*Blogger Note: I wrote and scheduled this post before Friday's announcement by DeNami. I'd like to congratulate Pattie on  her new position as a DeNami Design Team member and am looking forward to seeing her beautiful creations!!!

Hello everyone!! Today's subject is one of mixed emotions for me. I'm still flying high over being chosen the June sketch challenge winner over at Paper Sweeties, but at the same time am a little bummed about receiving yet another "thanks but no thanks" letter for something else.We'll get to that letter in just a minute.

It's no secret that I love entering card challenges online whenever I get a chance and that I have branched out into submitting to magazines. Most of the time when it comes to challenges and being published I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. It's almost like being in High School again and I'm the nerdy little girl in the corner reading a Stephan King novel while all the "kool kids" are hanging out in the smoking area laughing and having a great time talking about last weekends party. I see the same names winning/published over and over's almost like a private club and no one else is allowed in. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I. Don't. Care.! Okay, I do, but just a little.  I may not be one of the Kool Kids and don't have the secret password to gain entrance to the "club", but I refuse to let that hold me back! That being said, even when you know going in that you don't stand a chance you'll be chosen you still feel deflated, that's only natural. Do I get a little down...yes. Do I shed a tear or two sometimes...yes. A sweet friend mentioned to me the other day..."you know how us girls are". Sometimes I'm all girl and my feelings get the best of me, I cry, pout and even get angry, then I work through my feelings to get over it. But nothing is going to stop me from applying to design teams or submitting to challenges and magazines. My son has a tattoo that reads "To move on is to grow". I LOVE that saying. I will move on, grow and keep trying! Yes, my feelings get hurt and deflated, but I pick myself up and keep trying! Someday this nerdy girl will break through the barrier and kool kids will notice me and ask me to join in the fun!!

For about a year and a half now I've been wanting to be on a design team. There are a small handful of blogs that I have my eye on. I'm sure that ya'll can easily figure out that one of them is DeNami. I'd give my left arm and lets be real here...I'd give a leg too, lol, to be on the DeNami team. However, DeNami doesn't do an open call for their design team members, it's just by special invitation...sigh. Luckily the others I have my eye on do an open call!

 I know my work is nothing special when compared to the gals that enter the challenge that runs on the particular blog I'm referring to, however, after talking with the blogs owner and her encouraging me, I decided to heed my own advice that sometimes in life you just have to take chances and frankly, it would be good to have one application under my belt. So, last month I applied for my very first design team position. My resume is pretty lacking and I have nothing big to bring to the table. With that being said, I like to think of myself as being friendly, out going, willing to learn and very dependable. Someday those attributes will out weigh my lack of challenge wins and overall popularity, until then, I'll take it on the chin and just keep plugging along. I can't let a rejection stop me from doing something that brings such joy to my life. I LOVE creating cards and being able to share them with you. I also LOVE getting to meet such wonderful people out here in bloggy gals are amazing, an inspiration and just plain ole' rock!!

Many of you know Paulina from DeNami Design runs a personal blog called Pretty Pink Posh and hosts the fun 10 Minute Craft Dash. The entries for that challenge always blow me away...there are some amazingly talented people out there and they even come from all over the world!! She had a Design Team call and as part of the application we were to tell a little about ourselves and submit 4 pieces of work that we've created in under 10 minutes. I knew back on June 11th that I wasn't picked (received my thanks but no thanks e-mail) but didn't want to talk about it until after her new DT was announced. Not sure that it matters, but it felt wrong to talk about it until then.
My 10 Minute Craft Dash Design Team card entries:
Time: (can't remember the time but it was 8-something!)
Colors: blue, green & kraft

Time: 9min 40 sec
Colors: teal, orange, golden yellow

Time: 9min 03sec
Colors: green, orange, golden yellow, teal
Time: 9min 59sec (that was a close call!)
Colors: charcoal, light grey, pink

Well there you have it, my step outside of the box. But like I said, I WILL NOT give up. When I don't win a challenge or when I receive the "no thanks" e-mail from a magazine, I may have a moment of sadness, I am only human after all, but will chalk it up to a learning experience and keep going! Don't give up on your dreams and keep doing what makes YOU happy!! Winning or losing doesn't define you, it's how you react to that win or loss that does. Take the experience and learn from it and don't be scared to put yourself out there again.

HUGS to all of us nerdy girls!


  1. Dear Tina, Well Your Cards are Lovely and you have Stepped Out into Blogland, and just Applying to a Design Team is a lot more than Most Crafters will Ever do. So You Know That You Make Beautiful Cards, You Know that You are Popular from your Blog Followers AND MORE Importantly You KNOW you Have COURAGE. That is MORE than some will Realise in a Life Time of Crafting. I LOVE Your Son's Motto too. Keep Trying I know You'll Make It.
    Love and Blessings,
    Beverley.. (An Addicted Follower.)

  2. I totally agree with are creating and sharing and an inspiration to so many of us! You are just planting many many seeds and one day, poof! You will reap a harvest of what you are seeking! Your determination is a gift! Enjoy your time of waiting and growing! Hugs!

    I absolutely love your grey and pink card!

  3. My sweet friend, what a lovely and heartfelt post you have written! You poured your soul out and revealed true feelings -- that is a brave thing to do! Keep your chin up and keep sharing and submitting -- one day when you least expect it, you'll get that 'happy mail' that you're dreaming of! I just KNOW it! Until then, enjoy what you do ... because I sure enjoy being inspired by your creations! Hugs - xoxox

  4. Sweet Tina, you tugged at my heart with your heartfelt post! Your cards are gorgeous! I felt the same way awhile ago being passed over time and time again. But, my ray of sunshine finally came through. Just keep playing those challenges and submitting. Your time will come for you are very talented and inspiring! Take care, hugs!

  5. Hey Tina, Congrats on the Paper Sweeties June Sketch's very nice!! So are the four you've shared here. I always enjoy your work! I can relate to your frustration. About eight years ago I swore off applying for any more scrapbook "big deals." I finally decided it was more important to me to do things my way rather than trying to imitate others or stay ahead of the current wave of the "next big thing." Then two years ago I decided to try one more yielded a DT position, one I love. I keep thinking about the possibilities of something else with cards as I love card making...but one thing at a time. You need to realize what you are doing is really great! People do follow you and all you do. You've made your mark! Some day, at the right time, with the right company, something more than you can imagine will come your way!

  6. Enjoy your successes as they come. I know it is not easy to ignore rejection though. As you build your repertoire of cards and challenge wins, people will take notice when you apply for design teams. When you receive a 'yes' to be on a team, you will have truly earned it.

  7. 1. You have a son old enough to have a tattoo????? (I thought your were like 30-32)
    2. Darlin, if you are the nerdy girl in the corner reading SK novels, then I want to be YOUR friend! Sounds like the cool kids to me:)
    3. Of course we care when our labors of love have been rejected (remember it's NOT us, it's our creations), but what matters is what we do when that happens. Do we give up and pitch a fit? No, we wipe away the tears, and continue growing and doing what we love...even if we wear a false smile for a little bit...we keep going.
    4. You are courageous, and kind, and HONEST. That makes you one of the few in crafty blogland Tina. One of the select few. Wear THAT badge with honor, because it reflects on who YOU are as a person, not on your creative product. And that makes you miles ahead of any other. (((hugs)))

  8. Hi Tina! Never, ever give up! I've posted several rejections on my blog lately. Keep submitting! Looks like you are a St. Louis gal - I live in Farmington! It would be fun to meet sometime and create something fun! I'm signing up to follow your blog - would love to have you follow mine as well! Nice to 'meet' you, new friend!!!